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  • I never said you were an old lady! It just has been a looong time since I picked up a Marvel title. And that was the Supreme Power TPB, so there were no letters or editorials to mention the famous No Prize.
    Blue Lantern, eh? I haven't heard of him but it seems like a pretty good approach to sucky situations, not like worrying and fretting really gets shit done.

    I think the only reason I voted the last federal election was because one of my old profs was running, I wouldn't even know who to vote for this time around. And seriously, as tired as all the cliches are, they apply... I mean all the stuff about one vote not making any difference or having to pick the lesser of three evils, etc.

    If the Greens weren't so damn smug I might actually consider them. But then again, voting Green will probably only make another minority government likely which benefits nobody in this country IMO.
    I've been alright... can't complain, if only for not wanting to sound overly cranky. :p

    Are you following the federal election at all? I'm thinking of not even voting this time around.
    Dude! I would kill for those gas prices. Even though we didn't get a hike due to the HST it's still been stuck at $1.15 or slightly more for months here. Boo.
    I don't know what I'm doing, that's the problem. :p

    There doesn't seem to be any savings with the HST, that was complete hogwash as I'd figured previously. I actually noticed a few places used the HST as an excuse to jack up prices... I don't know how it makes sense, I guess they figured some consumers wouldn't notice since they were anticipating a price hike due to the HST.

    I heard gas prices went up thanks to the HST in Ontario, which is at least one thing we don't have to deal with. But then again I think BC gas prices are still higher than anywhere else in Canada... except for maybe the north, but even orange juice is like $20 a liter up there so I don't know.
    GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!111!

    I used to be really into politics as well as a teen, I was kind of the politics buff in high school but a few years into university (and my poli sci degree...) I started to realize that no politician ever did the right thing. It's a tired old cliche, but they are all self-serving and in the pockets of corporations and other such influential organizations.

    Speaking of, how are you enjoying the lovely new HST? I live alone and can't cook to save my life and so I eat out a lot... basically been paying 7% more for everything I've eaten since July 1st.
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