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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    a good man made a big mistake but imho his behavior afterwards shows that he still is a good man: - over the subsequent days, Jeremy Clarkson made a number of attempts to apologise to Oisin Tymon by way of text, email and in person; and - it is the case that Jeremy Clarkson reported the...
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    Top Gear season 13 trailer

    Made my day, brilliant trailer, i lol'd. greets
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    More alternatives to US Top Gear...

    I just have to say, I like your show, it is better than the most of the german car reviews on TV, so please keep up the work. I am already telling my friends about it. ;) greets Lars
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    "A Californian Homage to Top Gear"

    I like your movie, nicely done. Some more shots of Cali would have been nice, especially from the coastline, the shot of the bridge crossing was really sweet. :drool:
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    4 Fast 4 Furious: The return of the Diesel [crank] Walker

    I personally had fun watching all 3, number 4 will be funny too. greets
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    Fantastic site - News in pictures

    awesome pictures, thanks for the link greets