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    food that you hate???

    I'm pretty good with most foods, but I draw the line at: - Cilantro (Coriander Leaf) - Grapefruit - Gorgonzola and Bleu Cheese I cannot comprehend how cilantro is so popular when it tastes so rank.
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    Mass Effect 3

    The consoles have been showing their age since 2007. This game doesn't really push the envelope graphically in any way, it's just the hardware on both the PS3 and 360 is dated. On the PC the game is extremely smooth, even on my not very high-end rig. Oh! And the From Ashes DLC is worth it...
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    Mass Effect 3

    Thanks for the answer: Has anyone else noticed Mass Effect 3 being considerably harder than ME2? I went through ME2 on Veteran without breaking a sweat, but in this I've had to be a lot more careful and even had to turn down the difficulty level from "Hardcore" to "Normal" to keep from dying...
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    Mass Effect 3

    I have been playing for a while (5 or 6 hours) and I have a question for those that have gotten further:
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    Mass Effect 3

    In Mass Effect 2 they also had an almighty Shift key/Spacebar which controlled action, run, and cover. This was really annoying whenever you were trying to take cover near a computer (among other annoying things). I did figure out a way to change it so that I could get Run and Cover on Shift and...
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    Battlefield 3

    I like the Baretta 93R for my pistol. It's so stupidly pointless looking, but is actually pretty decent in a pinch when you're a recon in CQB. It's nice to have a choice between Burst and Semi Auto... not that I ever use it. :P
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    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    Is this from a new episode? :runs to check the usual places:
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    Badly engineered products

    Windows 6.5 Mobile. I had to use that OS in a phone for work and I have never been more frustrated with a phone before. Every little nuance for use that people have been used to in Android and iOS was ignored, which made using it a nuisance. The center console on the 07 Subaru WRX: the...
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    Battlefield 3

    Don't the gunners also have flares? I remember seeing them in the vehicle customization screen.
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    Battlefield 3

    I did post, though my BF3 name doesn't match the Forum name; forgot to mention that. BF3: Galahadius I re-applied, if that's OK.
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    Battlefield 3

    That's colorblind mode. It really helps keep things clear even if you're not colorblind. On another note: I can't stand being the only one trying to win on maps. I was just on Operation Firestorm in a small game (7-10 players per team) and I could tell I was the only one on my team actually...
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    Battlefield 3

    In one of the servers I frequent, it automatically kicks on sexual or racial/religious insults. It seems a little pointless in this game. Who's going to waste so much time typing? Also, the L85 is only unlocked by doing a SQDM? Looks like I have something to do. And I just applied for the...
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    Clarkson: Clarkson on QI

    Apparently, the BBC iPlayer has the correct Clarkson episode for now. I just watched it using a proxy... So at least this QI episode has forced me into figuring that trick out for future BBC PC-gone-mad gaffs that, luckily, don't happen to trickle down to their IT department.
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    So, I have these 2 PC Beta codes.....

    [REDACTED] EDIT: I wouldn't want to spoil the "trick" too much.
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    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

    Yesterday I downloaded the demo. One hour later, the demo was deleted. The plane portion was good, except for the overuse of "dogfight mode". Why would I want to play a flying game and not fly the plane half the time? I tried to not use it, but the demo would not let me advance until there were...