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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    ch9 hates cars, actually they hate good shows. They always stuffed around the F1, all their previous 'car review' shows were crap. They always broadcast the good TV shows they had at random odd late hours too. I mean random as in different time slots each week or not showing them at all...
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    Alex Drake watches Top Gear

    Wait, there was more than one season of ashes to ashes?! I completely forgot about the show after the first series. I must of been under a rock I guess. I'll be back in 10 hours or so :D I've been listening to bowie non stop for ages too as I couldn't get LOM/AtA out of my head for a long long...
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    The official 2010 season MotoGP thread!

    Looking forward to watching moto GP tonight
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    Holy Sato in a Lotus Batman!

    anyone got links to watch indycar?
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    Happy Festivus everyone - post your grievances

    My grievance is no one makes a decent SE gem style razor these days :D And that some people collect all sorts of vintage razors so there's less to go around.
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    Morris Marina equivalents

    I think they introduced longer warranties too, like 5 yrs or 100,000km to get people to buy them.That model was really the only model here that sold well, until GM bought them and shoved a holden(AU) or chev badge like top gears SIARPC badge on them. The camira was another GM monstrosity as...
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    Season 14 slid off track

    I do agree something has gone wrong with top gear. I'm just posting here to say it's not forums like this that have caused any expectations that are dashed. I don't read or post much here, and I'm feeling the same way as many regulars here, even without getting a daily fix of top gear news or...
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    Anyone know where I can get this episode? I thought I had them all, then while watching some old ones, I realised I Didn't have this ep. It's the one with the cheap porsche challenge and the 'blind man' on the track. I've found one source (ilovetorrents), but the upload speed is 3kb/s :(
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    [02x07] June 22nd, 2009

    I think the show had great ideas, they could have put the small car in the outback and the new vs old 4wds into different episodes. Both could have been better, but they cut them too short. That's a waste of money doing the segment for something that could have been stretched out for 2...
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    2009 British Formula 1 Grand Prix

    Well on a fast track where you don't have to brake much, it makes deep braking overtakes or kers (lol) overtakes impossible. So it's the more technical tracks with sharp turns but wide tarmac, the better tracks for over taking. Almost no one likes the Tilke tracks, but if there isn't the chance...
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    TGA Ratings

    Well ratings are a guess at best established from a small sample size. Not only that, but being a show about cars, advertising can be very focused on that and be more effective. So a focused television show about one specific subject will skew ratings by a lot, but provides advertisers with an...
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    So what do you guys think of Warren Brown now?

    I saw peking to paris before TGA was even announced, so I knew who Warren Brown before the hosts were selected. I've never been unhappy with him being on the team. In fact, the funniest moment ever on TGA was him driving around the track in the battery powered kingswood singing "football, meat...
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    [02x06] June 15th, 2009

    Decent ep, rated it a 7. Next weeks looks good, comparing old 4wds with new ones, driving a fiat and smart in the outback, flogging a GTR with no performance restrictions around their track.
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    Tire question

    Hi-po cars have massive brakes, so they need massive rims. To get that to fit into a wheel arch that isn't so huge it looks out of place, you have to go with low profile rubber. Top Gear Australia tried out the top spec HSV with huge rims, brakes and low profile rubber. Then they fitted the...