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  • SAWEEEEET. Is this the Kveikur album tour now? That hadn't been released when I saw them. Nevertheless Brennstein is ridiculous live. And I haven't listened to the album enough yet anyway :p Anyway enjoy it - is one hell of an experience. :D
    Yeah... At least America is sort of next to Asia. Not that they'd like to admit it... :p Also I probably should investigate more since I am working for a Chinese company and while I don't yet know I believe instead of hotels they put up visitors from the Shanghai HQ in the houses along with interns and graduates... aka I could have a temporary Chinese housemate (ignoring the fact I lived in halls for a year with who knows how many (they kept appearing and disappearing including seemingly every Vietnamese student at the uni at one point)).
    1) Massive congrats on the results! I can never remember peoples ages - you're still in Year 8 as far as I remember. Same thing with a good friend of mine who is now in second year at uni; he drove past me the other day and I had a double-take on the whole 'wait but he's only 14' thing :lol:

    2) Mutherfuckin DPRK?!?!? Sweet! Your writeup really makes me want to go there, too. Only problem I face is the extent of my eastern culture knowledge is pretty much limited to this place... I guess you've got a tad more experience of Asia. :| Still, North Korea? That's a decent one to cross off the list.
    Haha about a week ago after I got back from Ringmeet. Speaking of which; you'd better be there next year...
    Also did you pick up results today?
    Have you got any industry mentors or contacts? Have they any opinions? Or is there a pedigree list of the graduates? Is there more practical hands on experience in one than the other, and what sort of placement programs do they have to assist with the getting of practical experience and job after the studying is done? Does one have an internship program that may be of benefit?

    And generally, no, your whole life does not stand on one degree. Especially with something like architecture, you will be expected to continue study, and you may have associations with several unis or other institutions throughout your career.
    Do you think I might like a certain band? I may have just got tickets to see them again in May. But then standing in Stadium gigs is so much better than seats in an arena :p Either way ya boy! :D
    Hmm, I wasn't aware 4 year olds were allowed anywhere near the internet. Or Muse gigs. I shall have to confiscate your ticket.
    nah, it's easy peasy, hovver your mouse over the thread icon, it tells you how many
    Well then Birmingham it is! I'd guess that driving is the only option; so find someone with a car, 3 other friends and be gone to the worshipping ground of our lord gods teh moooooooze!
    Pfft - remember when I went with mates to feckin Dublin for 2 days to see them? I was only 16 then :lol:

    Dunno where they'll go for the initial arena tour (if that's what they do) but Birmingham isn't too far away from you? Depending on times I might be living up in teh West Midlands then. If not I'll go to London obviously. :p

    But either way - fucking Wembley fucking Stadium fucking 65,000 motherfuckers you'd better fucking be there. :D As a side note - this June it'll be 5 years since I saw them first live at the HAARP gig :p

    I'm guessing that was in Teignmouth :p I just checked and they're not listed on the website :p Also - DAYUM cannot wait until new album; you better go see them live once they start touring again. If you don't I will actually kill you. :)
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