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  • Haha ah the asian woman syndrome. Should be a tickbox on the application for a license. :p So there you go - learn to drive and since you're a male (well I hope so) you'll be either excellent at it and drive for years without major incident, or you'll be a twat and increase my insurance premiums just as their getting affordable. So be careful you little shit. :mad:

    :p Anyways I have some mates who are doing the same rally this year and the amount of want I have to go on that again is astronomical. It was insane fun. Go get a license. Now. :D
    Getting the provisional is easy - and when you turn 18 you will definitely need it for alcomoholz. Dunno if your parents have a car you could learn in, if so get on that shit.
    In all honesty - learn before you go to uni. You don't need to drive while you're there, just learn now or during a summer holiday while at uni. Because after uni, there isn't going to be much time to learn before you need to be able to drive... :)
    Haha - tis actually very nice. We all happily admit we like a bit of cock

    Seriously - come to Ringmeet - I'm sure Ice would bring some more :p
    Haha nice. I haven't seen that caption and didn't spot the meme. :p Brilliant drawings though!
    My exact chain of thoughts when I did that:


    Kyrgyztan... nope



    K...Kyrgyzstan? Wait that worked? Whaaaaaat theeeee fffffff
    Have a great rest of the night - Switchblade Smiles is about to start :D and don't go too ott with the booze :)
    Awesome. You have quite a talent. And talk to Blayde, he's had some experience with stores recently. He can probably give you some tips :D

    I'll save my pennies :dance:
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