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  • I don't know if you know this already, but Kimmy died recently, due to death.

    How will Katstein manage without Dear Leaders help?
    :hug: have you been to see someone? If not, might be an idea. And my PM box is always open
    This is really fucking random, but your friend's name is Hari? My name is Hari! \o/

    You know at least 2 Haris \o/
    Well, forming an alliance is right out, unless Katstein is secretly enlisted in the Sak'khari Federal Guard. And killing her would be a challenge. All but three (out of twelve) Chancellors are veterans of the Guard, and Lekas is one of them. They are notoriously hard to kill outright, and Katstein would have to deal with the three other Guardsmen on Earth, who will destroy any threat to the Chancellery.

    Epic trolling is quite possible, though. Just avoid getting in a flame war with Civas. He will take the "flame" part literally.
    Well, if Katstein is bored, I've got an idea to cheer him up. You know how in the last Wacky Race, I had an inter-dimensional portal play havoc with my old and new characters? The portals are still going, and one of the characters they've brought along is one of the aliens' superior officers, and one of their nations leaders.

    He can have fun with her.
    Spending his time in boring lessons with a dud angry bird to entertain him?

    Yep, sound about right. :p
    Well it's you guys that make the $ and have the pick of the jobs, so go for it is all I can say
    Just hoping you don't have the themed wardrobe, because that would be :blink: a touch creepy

    :tease: I can name only one :lmao:
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