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  • I'm not quite sure I should go to sleep..... I'm now scared of what I'll find when I awaken
    Just a thought, would a move to IRC make the wacky races any better or is it likely to alienate people more? I'd also really like to rebuild it's popularity because it's a great laugh with lots of people. I still like to hype up Shothouse Racing in whichever daft way I can though. :D
    I keep forgetting where she gets her name from. I know it's definitely not pokemon. I tend to call her by her real name in PMs anyways.
    Your constant pikachu avatar switching makes me :lmao:

    Thank you sir.
    Lols, thank you for the +rep and I'm glad you like it :lol:.

    I meant it as a joke, but hey if you're down with it, then all the better! :D
    Long time ago when you was 0.99 years old. So actually, not that long ago :lol:

    She was something completely different and she's like hey! What if I have my name in my user? Dat would be sveet. So she asked Viper to change it to EllieZee.

    This was when she was like just a nascent poster.
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