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  • I was talking about Jay and EllieZee but you count as well I suppose.

    Jk :p
    Just following in the footsteps of leaders who set great examples.
    Thank you sir! And you're absolutely right, it definitely opens up a lot in your mind. There's the negative and positive and right now both are mulling around in my head.

    I'm sure when I sort through photos I'll be thinking about a lot of things.

    Like what type of external hard drive I should get to fit all these damn photo files :p
    Used that name for online games way back when I was younger as it was easy to spell and such. Back then I wasn't aware of it's deeper meaning and the war on terror hadn't started yet.
    Ohhh Bababababababa. Gotcha. I think I had the emphasis in the wrong place.

    I understand. Half the stuff I post there is retarded shit since I couldn't come up with anything on the spot.
    All the fun? Yeah it is a great day, but tbh all of 6th Form is great fun :p The last day is actually overshadowed by the fact we're leaving :(

    And it feels weird that I am no longer at school, and despite the fact I'll be back there on Thursday (for a Maths revision session, so sort of a lesson) it just isn't the same. Its interesting to talk to a friend of mine in year 8 - he is of the absolute opinion that he wants to leave school now, and he hates it (and maybe you are the same). But 6th Form changes you to never wanting to leave ever, and then it creeps up on you. Years 12 and 13 will be the shortest but the most fun of all :p

    And after exams finish I only have one more day at school - on the 2nd July for the Leavers' Tea, then the Leavers' Ball is that evening :cry:
    Thanks! And yeah I am now legally an adult. So I will be able to vote in the upcoming election (despite the fact my vote will have no effect on my constituency due to it being strongly Tory), and can buy anything I damn well want to! However car insurance is still bitchingly high. <_< If you get standing tickets for the same Muse gig, I shall buy you a beer, just for being awesome! :p
    And as for Kasabian supporting, where did you get that info? As far as I'm aware they haven't announced any support acts yet. And I don't think Kasabian will be - they've got their own festivals to be playing, and have supported Muse in the past (NB: Dublin. They were awesome). :p

    You only get 2 posts today ;)
    Ah yes I forgot its in term time for you - I'm in year 13, so will be in my extended holidays before uni :p No more school to worry about!

    As for getting back home after the gig, from seats at Wembley we got back at about 12:30 on a Sunday (with school the following Monday) - its really not that bad. I live about 30 minutes train journey from [Charing Cross], so add some tube time onto that. It depends on where you live. I would say go to Wembley, simply because...WEMBLEH! Yeah. :lol: If you're closer to Manchester, then I would say you'd have to be a lot closer to Manchester for it to be worth it going there - but again its up to you. Getting out of the staduim is fine as long as you don't hang around. You may have to run at the mainline station, but check the train times as to when your last train is though...
    Another thing I must mention is that the upper levels may not be suited to someone who wants to get stuck in - we were high up for the O2, and while it was great, the people beside and in front of us were sitting down for almost the entire show while we raved about. Personally I would avoid Level 5. Standing is better for those on their own I would guess, as you're all there for the same reaons - you're the fans rather than those who are there 'to enjoy the music'... It pisses me off to see people sitting about at gigs not getting stuck in, even if they're at the back.

    Hope this helped - sorry if it made little or no sense but I'm ill and my mind isn't thinking straight. :) I'll probably be more helpful tomorrow, but for now - I'm off to bed!

    [And sorry for it being in 3 posts - I just kept typing :p]
    If you can get even 1 person who likes Muse to go along with you, then do. If you can't, try and get Level 1 General Admission (which is standing and the lowest level all in one) - you don't have to be in the thick of it by any means.

    Dublin was my first standing gig and you do get into the music a lot more, but you can see the show better from seats - it depends what you want. For your first gig I'd say seats may be a good way to start off, but eventually you'll want to be on the pitch :)
    I'm just like you with the self confidence. But yay for convincing people to go see the best live band ever!
    As for going on your own, Ieen in i don't have any personal experience, but the smallest group I've bs with one other mate (RAH, 12th April 08). The other 2 Muse and 1 Oasis gigs were with double figures... :p
    I would say that you would feel a lot better on your own standing rather than seats. If you can get Level 1/General Admission, then that's great as you can be on the pitch or in low level seating, and Level 5 seating means on the upper levels.
    My first Muse gig (Wembley 17th 07 - HAARP gig) was about halfway up in the now expensive 'club wembley' area. The views were fine, and there wasn't any trouble with that, but if I had been on my own it may have been a bit weird. Saying that, you don't tend to pay much attention to anyone else while singing along to the songs, but it would be nice to have a mate there anyhow.
    Bwahahaha, with my silliness and his scienceness... we're unstoppable.
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