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    Name some 'people's cars' from each nation...

    In Czech Republic during the communism era (till 1989), this car was a bestseller. Skoda 105/120/130 (well, except for Lada from Russia and couple of Fiat which were made in Poland and Trabant/Wathburg from eastern Germany, ordinary people couldn't buy anything else...): Before the lovely 120...
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    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    The beast of mine: 2001 Skoda Fabia 1,4
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    SKODA - Brisk RS 01 WRC

    Well, Brisk is a company focused on spark/glow plugs. They have equipment for testing the engines, so they decided to build this "nasty little bastard" as a testing model in co-operation with Prodrive. They want to test their plugs in rallye (just testing, not real competition), because there is...
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    Nurburgring Webcam

    Thanks for explanation D-Fence. something to move on... this had to be fun
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    Nurburgring Webcam

    What a sunny day there, Skyline R34 arrived... And this is incredible, are these real EVO ?
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    What you would like to see on TG

    I'd like to see Wiesmann GT in action. The review of Roadster was pretty good and I love this car.
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    When will the jokes stop.....

    Well, I'm not surprised. Skoda took really good places during past years, so now it just graduated. I own Skoda Fabia and the car is without any problems. It drives well and I like the way it looks. And I'm glad to see, that not only in Czech Republic people do like Skodas.
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    Nurburgring Webcam

    I wonder how many cars will manage with this... btw. I see from the previous posts no more ClubGTI plate on the roof...
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    The "Happy Birthday!" Thread

    oh, thanks a lot! hey watto, happy birthday :bow:
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    BMW 4 door coupe

    I love old 8-series BMW, not many of them on the roads. I would like to see new generation, but I can't imagine how it would fill in the range, 6 series is quite big.. Four dour coupes are pointless, but I really like how CLS looks like. And R-Class does look weird and our former president have...
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    MPH 2006 Pics & Vid: Jeremy, Tiff, and May! From last night! 56K NO!

    Amazing cars there and quality is ok! I agree, that the BGT looks briliant in that colour. And I'm so glad to see some old Skodas there!
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    Your Real Name

    Tom?? here, as we write it in Czech. Thomas in English, such a worldwide name...
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    The Perfect 10 Car garage

    In no particular order, but here they are. Wiesmann MF3 Roadster Subaru Impreza WRX STi WR1 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster BMW M5 Ferrari F40 Audi RS4 Ford Sierra RS500 Bugatti Veyron Aston Martin DB9 Porsche 993 Turbo TVR Sagaris
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    DIY russian style

    Actually it's from Slavakia, not Russia. Pretty strong chair, don't you thing?
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    ?koda Joyster Concept

    I like it. I would thing about buying one. And yes I'm proud that this thing come from Czech Republic (even concern VW owns ?koda now...)