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    SILLY SEASON 2009/2010

    I have a gut feeling that Lewis will outshine Jenson next season.
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    The UFC is kinda okay for certain fights but most of the fights are a bore fest.
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    2008 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    1) Who will take pole and who will win? Lewis. 2) Will Super Aguri make the grid in Melbourne, and will they be fast enough to compete like last year? They will make the grid, but no, they will not be fast. 3) Who will have the better first race, Lewis or Heikki? Lewis. 4) What do you think...
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    2008 Line-Up (Rumour Mill)

    You should grow up. Honda are lousy F1 team anyway. Got beaten by a Spyker in Hungary. At least the Americans willing to fought for their independents, not like Australia, a puppet country with the British flag on their flag.
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    McLaren espionage hearing

    Yeah, that is true. Both of them just wanted to get a job at Honda. Mclaren has done nothing wrong. The MP4/22 does not seem to be a F2007 clone. Ferrari is scared which can be understood. People would be scared if someone stole something from them. Anyway, this will ruin F1 image, i think the...
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    Random Thoughts....

    ^ lol
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    Best PC v. Mac parody yet.

    True, nothing special from both, i know, i have used both computer, but i prefer the pc better, cause of games, so i just gave my mac with mac os x in it, to my sister, cause she does not have a computer. :(
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    Sony Quotes

    Sad really, but i have seen it in my local store, nintendo wii are more popular than ps3. :)
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    First Ferrari Hybrid

    :D It is funny, i just saw a show about speedy electric car and very fast sportscar hybrid on tele. :)
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    2007 Formula 1 Season What you guys said really hurt. I'm really sorry if you guys are offended, but at least private message me. :( I mean, most of this post here are just suggestion from people and most of them are from what they read at the news. It is not like...
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    The Lewis Hamilton thread: Love him or hate him?

    I'm one of those people who hated him. Why? Well, first of all, he is in a good machine, like Nigel Mansell said, he is expected to win. If he is put in a Spyker, how do we know he is good? Second, Prost said that he uses the Mclaren simulator to learn his craft and the fact that the technology...
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    Anyone know anything about WTCC?

    Eurosport! :)
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    Anyone know anything about WTCC?

    Yeah, WTCC? I love it? I love the support race also! The International Formula Master, their version of F3. :D
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    2007 US Grand Prix

    :lol: No, not really, i really like Malcom in the Middle. Okay, so his other movie is rubbish but he worked hard for it and because of that he can afford to go racing. :)