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    Help me pick a car for 5-8ish AUD!

    I have a Mazda 3 (fiance's one i am using) - 2011 version and it is a little gem. Nothing outrageous about it but it is good on fuel, comfortable and cheap to maintain (even at dealership services). As others have said steer clear of euro cars as here in OZ they cost a bomb. Also forget...
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    Connected vehicles a threat to online privacy

    Having seen what Toyota Australia has planned for their connected vehicles systems and the masses of data it is collecting - I would be worried. They're selling as a safety initiative but the end game is to be able to sell that data to insurance companies and the like.
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    Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?

    760 HP
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    Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?

    Aero for GT500 in pics
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    Aston Martin Valkyrie

    I am very keen on this and the Speedtail, very much meh on the Project 1.
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    Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?

    I couldn't get the original thread to load so mods, happy for you to merge.
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    News: Ford Future Product Pipeline

    Is it optimistic for the GT500 to be out first half of 2019? Although there are a few prototypes running around I thought it was a MY2020 car, so latter half of 2019.
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    Unveiled: Bugatti Divo hypercar

    reserve judgement until some track times are done. Still, a bit of a beast.
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    Unveiled: Brabham BT62

    A bit of as promo for it.
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    Unveiled: Brabham BT62

    Cannot wait to see this beast on the track. The sound of it in the "teaser" vid doing the drive by sounded HOT!!
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    2019 Volvo V60

    Good to see another attractive wagon/estate come out, while the Volvo is out of our budget for the time being we're looking at getting an estate/wagon.. Volvo has been on a bit of a roll lately.
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    Unveiled: 2019 Ford Ranger (for murica)

    looks like the one that's been in AU for a couple of years (designed in AU built in Thailand)