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    Even more Clios!!

    Didn't post for ages, but just wanted to point out small technical detail on the 1st and last shot. Where's the driver? :P For the rest, needless to say quality work as usual!
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    LFS CarFocus v2.6 (Movie tool)

    This is pretty cool, even though I didn't touch LFS for a while I'm sure it will be much appreciated by LFS movie makers.
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    Give season 8 another go?

    He hasn't, wheel and PC are back in Maastricht... I miss racing from time to time though, didn't touch LFS for months. And damn has it been long since I posted here, working 24/7 doesn't leave much free time. :( PS: Rotterdam would be my current location.
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    Public Skins

    My entry for the latest contest at MasterSkinnerz, fictional livery, although some elements of the design are from a rally car. FBM ATL12 Download Skin!
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    Ninja wallpaper

    Small technical issue I see here. People with a taskbar, won't really be happy about the fact that 1/2 the bike will be hidden by it. ;) You might want to add ~30pixels (or whatever the size of a windows taskbar is) to the bottom, obviously not blank color but something suiting the overall...
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    Skin Request

    I think you'll have better luck on the lfs forum, I haven't seen anyone here apart from me to be interested in skinning, and I currently don't have much time. Burnsy might be interested, he showed some interest in skinning a while ago. Otherwise, try lfs forum.
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    LFS clutch problem.

    I wasn't talking about racing, there I don't have any clutch issues whatsoever. My reference was to drifting, sliding a car from corner to corner as a general discipline. :)
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    S7 2008/4/12 KY GP L R GTR [2x13]

    <_< Showoff! :P
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    LFS clutch problem.

    That's odd, I use autoclutch since I don't have an actual 3rd pedal, but I have it mapped nevertheless onto a button on the wheel. I also use it to initiate drifts, but I still fry my tires much sooner than the clutch. Several laps no problem for the clutch at all here. :dunno:
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    Lens Flair

    I'd say Saint-Petersburg on 1st glance. Checking out wiki for russian plates tells me 98 stands, indeed, for Saint-Petersburg.
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    S7 2008/4/12 KY GP L R GTR [2x13]

    Shame, such a kickass combo. :( There were 4 of us, but then burnsy left, followed by mischief. I was wondering where you are MXM, same goes for FF. :)
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    Live for Speed Photo Thread

    I love the 2nd one! You should leave a part of the car in focus though, for example the front. That would make for a nicer picture, and probably more realistic too.
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    Powerpoint handouts & printing help needed

    Doesn't change much. Actually on the bottom it says "try choosing Scale to Fit Paper from options in the print preview mode before printing the will fit the slides according to the size of the paper." but that still doesn't solve the problem. :( PS: Ok, this add on apparently...
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    Powerpoint handouts & printing help needed

    I'm always annoyed when I print a ppt presentation, in handout format. There is a ridiculous amount of space wasted, when you print e.g. 6 handouts on a page (say A4). The handout size is pretty small compared to what it could be. It should be easily possible to print 9 handouts on a page, with...
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    Season 8

    I'd say take a small break, so we start maybe beginning of May. As for handicaps, I think we can adjust that on the go depending on how much slower demo racers are. We can strike up a schedule, which week what combo, post in entertainment section server name, time etc and see how it goes.