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    Stripped porsche?

    I think he meant James's white Boxster Spyder review in season 15's second episode.
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    [02x04] December 29, 2017

    Even the best seasons of TG usually had one or weak episodes; I hope this one counts for TGT S2. To me it was as bad as the Sweeney bit or low points of S19-22.
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    [02x03] December 22nd, 2017 - Bah Humbug-atti

    So far so good, second season seems quite 'TopGeary', and the guys seem to feel more comfortable. Am I the only one to find last three weeks' shows better than almost everything that came after TG season 18?
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    Season 2 Trailer - Starts Dec 8th

    Have you already seen May's new haircut? Why did he let Clarkson do it?
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    CHRIS HARRIS!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps if he presented some information via voiceover... :-)
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    [24x01] March 5th, 2017 - the old track is back!

    To be short, a nice surprise. The feeling of curiosity and anticipation I used to have when I was waiting for the next ep and which I've lost in the last few years seems to might have come back.
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    [01x13] February 3, 2017

    I wasn't that excited but it was OK. Just one note: the window SHOULD have been cleaned by May and Ricciardo together! :-) On the other hand, it can be seen that the show was improving (despite the shows weren't presented in the same order as they were recorded) and they all seemed more...
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    James May: The Reassembler

    It works perfectly even if your wife can't sleep without the bloody TV with all that annoying rubbish it's on. Just pick the audio stream out of any James solo work or even Top Gear (both James and Jeremy have very calming voices), plug in your earphones and fall asleep. Even the TV noise or...
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    [01x10] January 13, 2016

    The Barbados film could have been shorter, and I felt sorry for the felly for not making it (although probably the most exotic destination a ?koda felicia would ever get). Not bad nevertheless.
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    TGT is a fail and here's why

    You stopped just before it started to improve.
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    [01x09] January 06, 2016

    A good show overall; I enjoyed James' NSX, was entertained by the daft bits and wasn't annoyed by the unnecessary ones. What more could I wish? Great! Hopefully EPs 3 & 4 would remain the only weak ones.
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    [01x06] December 23, 2016

    Has anyone noticed that in the beginning, James looked very bored, like he was there just because he had to? More involvement of and space for May is needed to make the tent bits work. However the GT film was a masterpiece, a gem, a classic even if it was compared to the best ones of Top Gear.
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    [01x05] December 16th, 2016

    They expected it and so it didn't.
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    [01x05] December 16th, 2016

    Much better than last two weeks.
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    [01x04] December 9nd, 2016

    No. Since The Stig, the tradition is in strong pornography.