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  • He was born and grew up in a shelter and was not treated well. He has a few issues that would make him unadoptable by most families. That was part of my decision to take him. I've trained dogs for years and he is a handful even for me. I'm sure he would have ended up back in the shelter if most other people had adopted him.

    But he's a big sweetheart around people he knows, and when he gets to know you, he never forgets you. But complete strangers make him nervous. Which isn't too bad since he isn't aggressive, it just means he doesn't let people know he sees them. He makes a decent watch dog, at least. ;)

    Thanks for the support, though. It's nice to see other people who appreciate the Pit.
    Nope, never ever been to Second Life I'm afraid. "LindenChase" is actually the name of a street where I used to live many many moons ago. :)
    He's half pitbull and half border collie. I'm guessing by your name that you like pitbulls? He gets a bad reputation for his breed, but he's a big sweetheart.
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