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    [03x14] April 11, 2019 - Funeral for a Ford

    I've been off this forum for a long while due to a mental illness and life complications. Just finished watching the episode an hour ago, and I can't believe it... I knew that this day will come, but... I've been a Top Gear fan and an avid viewer since their first season, I used to watch it on...
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    Good news! Amazon renews TGT for Season 4

    That's great actually. Still can't stop sobbing though.
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    What's your mobile phone history?

    Siemens C35i Nokia 3100 Nokia 6600 Nokia n73 Music Edition Nokia 5630 XpressMusic Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
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    Only 2 out of 4 air vents are cold

    Hello everyone, When I turn on the AC I only get cold air from 2 vents at the driver's side, but the passenger vents blow normal temp as if the AC isn't on. Any ideas? The car is a manual 1.6 Renault/Dacia Logan
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    The Android thread

    If I rooted my phone (Galaxy J5) can I go back to stock rom? Because unrooting by superSU made some apps no longer working.
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    Base model Impreza with ridiculous fuel consumption!

    No misfire, but there is a weird delay/hesitation at 1500 RPM when the AC is on and the car is hot, it happens when I accelerate hard it gets to 1500 RPM then it cuts the throttle for about 2 seconds. And also at 2500 RPM .
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    Base model Impreza with ridiculous fuel consumption!

    Would the OBD2 scanner help to determine the culprit? And can the spark plugs cause that if they're old? Because I didn't change them since I bought it at 82k km. - - - Updated - - - OK thanks :)
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    Base model Impreza with ridiculous fuel consumption!

    Hello everyone! I have a 2008 1.5 litre automatic Impreza that has an unusual fuel consumption. Owner's manual says it should do 12 km/litre avg. and at worst 10 km/litre, what I'm getting is 7 km/litre at best. The car is used, it had 82,000 km when bought, now it has 128,000 and the issue is...
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Thanks :cool: Yeah that blur on the wheels failed badly, I don't think the smoke is real though :(
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    James May: LPE power gift for James May

    Now that's seriously cool :thumbup: good luck on sending it :)
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    Kill a dream

    Granted. Stuff that full of sugar are bad for your teeth :P I wish the sun goes down at 5 PM not 8 PM.
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Hahaha :lol: did you see the comments on the site? he must have been there there :P