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    Another! Google Hangouts Meetup 14 days into November

    Haha, oh no - the expectations
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    2019 Icetrack Meet - Return of the Ditch!

    Everybody hates road salt. Nice to hear different takings on the same trip. Now I guess we are all waiting for Lauri to post his pics. I will too at some point, but it will take a very long while as I have a lot of things waiting in the queue.
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    Post Your Watches

    Joined the Seiko SKX-family with a 007.
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    Ownership Verified: My 1986 Volkswagen Polo Classic

    Nice to hear it?s working again!
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    Ownership Verified: My W251 R 280 CDI

    Good, I love the fact you take something well built that is old and needs servicing. A lot of hassle maybe but you get to enjoy the ride comfort etc. with reasonable moneys. Respect!
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    Ownership Verified: My 1986 Volkswagen Polo Classic

    What does "fuel?s all clear" mean? Because what ever there might be in the tank would be lying on the bottom. How did they check that without removing the tank (as it would be more than convenient to check the sieve at the same time)? If the fuel?s all clear the pipes should be fine (unless...
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    Ownership Verified: wdwben's 2012 MX-5 PRHT (yup, another one)

    The car (including the soft top) is designed to take the beating, but it still won?t do any good to either the fabric nor the paint so. You already got the only correct answer, foam gun -> rinse -> hand wash 2BM -> rinse -> dry with microfibre. Just a bit problematic if you don?t have a place...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Well at least they sit so far behind the driver that you will never have to look at them :mrgreen:
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    Ownership Verified: wdwben's 2012 MX-5 PRHT (yup, another one)

    But it?s not wax safe and that?s why I use their Diablo Wheel Cleaner - which is another CG product I love BTW.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Oh yes, now I see. The 914/8 is a bad car because the 914/4 has an underpowered uncivilized 4-cylinder engine. This makes sense!
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    Ownership Verified: Another MB (W210 E 220 CDI)

    Oh yes! Wonderfully clean! Makes me happy! :)
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    Someone Else's Problem: Oh no, they've got another one - leviathan's MX-5 NC

    Really nice car and I for one think the grey suits it rather nicely. Only thing I?g get rid of are those Lexus-style tail lights by replacing them with NA- or NC2-style versions. Easiest solution is to put a red tint over them. I guess the German T?V doesn?t really agree with any of these though?