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    [12x04] November 23rd, 2008

    Much more of what I like! Less scripted (and forced) jokes, more car talk. 9/10 for sure.
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    [12x01] November 2nd, 2008

    I fear that Top Gear is nearing the end. They're running out of material, which I think was unfortunately evident watching Sunday's episode. The jokes are monotonous and repetitive, as are the skits. I think they should direct it the show more towards the car reviews as it will call for more...
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    Top Gear Filming Video 03/10/2007

    Brilliant catch
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    Jeremy Clarkson gets a pie in his eye

    I agree completely epp. The way he handled that was something only an adult could do...I would definitely have tried to kill someone...dead
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    Richard Hammond not yet fully recovered

    er...NO. unfortunately
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    The GQ TV Personality of the Year Is...

    Hammond looks like he aged 5 years within a year
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    clarkson meets sabine for his new dvd

    There's that R8 again! 8)
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    Post-Hammond Crash question

    With the things he says yes, with the way he says them no. There's no...pzzazz. Yeah, that''s a word
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    Post-Hammond Crash question

    Or it could be a permanent side effect from the accident :(
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    Post-Hammond Crash question

    I definitely agree with those of you who say Hammond is changed. He doesn't seem nearly as...I suppose the word would be lively? His jokes (if he makes any) are very subdued and he seems almost shy
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    OOOOOLD Viper RT/10 Review by Clarkson

    Geez if that was made in the mid-90s, JC didn't age very well :blink:
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    Top Gear Props Go Up In Smoke

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    May - Hammond handshake?

    And points out that the the individual has NO life...
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    Top Gear back in October!

    Any chance the FXX is in the new series?