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    Happy New Gear!!

    It's 9:47am 12/31/2006 here in NYC! Happy New Year guys!
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    A shame, really.

    Time to save up.
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    My CRX got rear-ended at 50mph

    Man, I'm glad you're ok. I got rearended before, and I still get nervous when someone tailgates me.
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    To the US readers... Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everybody had a blessed year to reflect upon. :cheers: I just recently got a job, after 6 months of searching and worrying. It is an engineering job designing 4 wheel drive systems. Though the pay is not much... at least I get to do something interesting. I'm very...
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    [10x09] November 20th, 2006

    Did anyone notice the jack under the car during the trick?
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    42% of Americans aren't "absolutely certain" that God exists.

    Thank you jeffy! For summing up how I feel about these posts! :thumbsup:
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    This is disgusting

    :D Now I'll crack up everytime I go to the supermarket.
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    42% of Americans aren't "absolutely certain" that God exists.

    There is a difference between sharing the gospel to people and forcing it into someone's throat. I know many Christians will get off your back if you don't want to hear it... At the same time you can't silence them if their church is doing a public event... but that's a freedom of speech issue...
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    S2000upra... *yummy*

    THat's sick.
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    FINALLY! "I Am The Stig" shirts officially for sale!

    I bought one. I guess this is my payment for the top notched entertainment that they provided for the last few years. :thumbsup:
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    British Airways Worker Suspended for Wearing a Cross

    The cross is a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice. I wouldn't know if He wants to see it or not, but some people wear it to acknowledge His act of sacrifice. Nazi cross: 1uped! Even more offensive! :thumbsup:
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    British Airways Worker Suspended for Wearing a Cross

    Maybe it looked liked this:
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    Cool Videos

    LLRYo4V3HB8 What a mess!
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    Clarkson: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly discussion thread

    I thought the guy was drunk... but it's Vegas... not the brightest people there.
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    K&N Air Filter?

    Very true. I had an AEM short ram from ebay... I hear it sucking air everytime I stepped on the thottle. However it's all sound, you won't feel any HP gain. ;)