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    Top Gear demotivators

    After reading this lengthy thread, I was inspired to make some:
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    [13x07] August 2nd, 2009

    Good episode. As everyone else has already said, the end scared me -- or rather left me in shock and disbelief. Good thing Final Gear is here to clear things like that up though :)
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    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    It's clear from Silverstone last year that Hamilton is immune to a wet track, thus the 4 second rule doesn't apply to him and Schumacher is faster. edit: Now that we know Schumacher is the Stig can we stop trying to prove that he is not Schumacher?
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    Does Top Gear need a woman presenter?

    Simple solution: grid girls for power laps. Job done, time to move on.
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    Joint Challenge Ideas

    TGUK and TGR meet in Berlin and re-create the Cold War. They could smuggle refugees (presenters) in the trunk of a car, run blockades (walls made of milk crates) in old ladas, or have car chases with spies returning home. I see a whole 007 theme going on, and plenty of awkward jokes about commies.
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    How much longer do you think TG will go on?

    While, I hope it will last for as long as Old Top Gear; in reality I see them running out of Ideas before the 20th season.
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    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    Your AV makes me laugh in much the same way :lol:
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    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    The season 13 preview had a lot of T 'n A to look forward to :wicked: Otherwise, this was a good episode to start off the new season.
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    Spot the Stig...

    Saw that, he's an imposter. The real Stig's outfit fits better -- unless he hasn't been getting enough raw prok treats due to the Top Gear hiatus.
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    Random funny screencaps (no 56k)

    Episode 3x01 at about 3:45 into it when he is in Detroit talking about the GT-40.
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    James May: James May one decade ago on TG

    Just another reason not to like the BBC :mad: How long will it be before they get this one too? btw, Old May is really... Beige
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    Is the black Stig back?

    :lol: that was the first thing I noticed as well. The Black Stig would be great for season 13. They always try to do somthing new, and this would add some drama to the show.
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    James May: Satire but funny

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    Now that series 2 is locked in, what would we like to see in it?

    Go ahead and bash me for this comment. But as long as it has the funny accents, I really don't care.
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    NBC passes on TG USA

    Time for my 2?: I don't think that the show will work on the cable channels because their budgets are too tight and TGA would upset advertisers. Or it could turn into an evil twin of TGUK and just spotlight products from the car companies that paid them. I highly doubt that any cable exec...