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    Pre-episode: [03x02] NZ South Island

    +1 to Warne off the air. His 4-5 minutes of drivel is eating into the good bits of the show, limited as it is. and a big +1 to the Stug! Now we're seeing some authenticity sneaking in.. Only an Aussie can pull that one.
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    [03x01] October 19th, 2010

    Gave a 7. Lake Eyre i thought was pretty good, but the interview was bland. If they actually gave it another 15mins of runtime like the UK, fit in a test run of the three cars on the track for kicks, dumping warne and doing a multi car test to fill up the power lap board, that would have been...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Sorry zegga... I was working on putting in the oval disk the falcon's sitting on... and they gutted the entire front half of that corolla. No engine, no gearbox, nothing under the hood. Bastards. It was a nice looking thing too!
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    TopGear Australia Demotivatonal posters

    First demotivator ever made by me :D
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    The problem with TopGear Australia

    I shotgun being the geek on the arcade machine if this goes ahead :3 I reckon TGau1 had a few good ideas, but butchered on attempt. The mine segment could've been better if a certain someone stopped hogging the camera being a bogan twit.
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    [02x08] June 29th, 2009

    A great way to round out Series 2. The porsche test was well put together, and he wasn't waiting to get stuck into it... "What do you get for $30k? This... a Porsche badge" The in studio effort was really good in that it acknowledges the pit crew for V8 Supercars, and the GTHO was brilliant...
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    Assuming there's going to be a Series 3 ...

    Like dragonboy, I'd like to see something like Adelaide to Darwin and/or Sydney to Perth. If TGUK can afford to do Italy to the UK in a veyron and a plane, Sydney to Perth shouldn't be too hard with cars... They could also do it with cheap crap cars (sub 10k), with only $1000 for petrol...
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    [02x07] June 22nd, 2009

    Going slightly downhill now since they hit that peak in 2x05. I would never believe a rice burning R33 can pull chicks so that got a miss, Mail run was ok in parts, but evident that it was cut down too far so would be better if they made more reference to the cars and the dust. Skipped SIABSC...
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    TGA Ratings

    :+1: oh yes! the only way to settle utegate.. send them both a rusty ute and tell them to belt it round bathurst with the paparazzi watching. Winner takes all :D
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    [02x06] June 15th, 2009

    Nudging 8 for me. I liked the 370z review, as did the SIABSC because amanda keller is relatively funny, unlike the bloke next to her who seemed as deadpan as ian moss. Mower challenge would've been funnier if Warren sabotaged Steve's ride on mower and it was like there is still a huge leash on...
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    Assuming there's going to be a Series 3 ...

    Let's see: Mark Webber Casey Stoner Hugh Jackman Kieren Perkins Roy Slaven Rob Sitch Pauline Hanson (<---- being SBS may not be a good idea) Natalie Bassingthwaithe (sp?) Natalie Imbruliga (sp?) List could go on :)
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    [02x05] June 8th, 2009

    +1, like how they named the last corner Gambon in TGUK after the bloke lost two wheels going round it. 9 from me. This is probably the pinnacle of TGA so far. They weren't afraid to go absolutely nuts shooting the living life out of the cars, and the HG interview was just brilliant! He really...