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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    The south is its own world. When I saw what they had painted on the cars I was genuinely concerned for their well being and that was well before it all went wrong.
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    Yo Andy, Just wanted to say that I'm 22 and I thought that episode was fantastic! Best episode ever I think, and I too have seen pretty much every one in the 9 seasons. Do it again some time. :) Oh and the "decoration" stunt. I know that sounded brilliant in the brainstorming, but that was...
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    Recognition of Final Gear by Top Gear production team

    Yeah crazy, he's been reading the site for a while then. As for this changing the site, eh. It's not like people haven't said before that they would do things differently. I've never really been hard on top gear, cause even the most boring bits are far more entertaining than anything on TV...
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    Is it possible to run an engine without fuel?

    You guys are making this really complicated. Ok, simple answer. When the car is in gear and the clutch is engaged, the entire drivetrain from the crankshaft to the wheels is one piece. So the engine keeps turning cause the wheels are still turning. And modern engine management is smart...
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    [REPOST]Richard on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

    Damn, I missed it then. :(
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    Google says you drive a _________

    Formula 1 car, woooooo
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    [REPOST]Richard on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

    Did anyone ever record Hammond's appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross from the news link on the main page?
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    Advance downtime notice

    Just to put this in perspective for me, what are they running now?
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    Motor Authority: "Top Gear ?professional? crashes Lambo"

    Give him some credit, they are at least complete thoughts and sentences. :P
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    The Stig wrecks a lambo

    At least it's so new info, it has a dented bumper now. :P
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    Motor Authority: "Top Gear ?professional? crashes Lambo"

    I think the point is that whatever did happen, damage or not, it happened under controlled circumstances where everyone involved was well aware of the risks. The Stig knows he could flip and kill himself, and the cameramen know they could get run over by the Stig.
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    Motor Authority: "Top Gear ?professional? crashes Lambo"

    Yeah, according to them a spin and slide = a crash and mud = wrecked, which to an Italian may be true. All I have to say is I've crashed and wrecked my car a lot. :P
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    Which model should I buy?

    My thoughts exactly, f the people who say it's gay.
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    Chrysler execs to drive used fleet returns

    Yeah, they need to be commended for surviving the blandness that long. :lol:
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    [10x04] October 16th, 2006

    I initially hated Lovejoy like most people, but I'm actually starting to like him a lot more. They just need to give him more interesting things to do. I liked his piece on the G-Wiz. Tom Ford had a great review of the new mini, fun to watch as always. Also I'm liking the guy with the spiky...