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  • I'm sure there'd be models around somewhere. They did use them in the V8 Supercars when they were new.
    It was a Hungarian social thing, as most of my friends are Hungarian. Glad there were no awkward moments of people speaking to me in Hungarian and me having to explain I only know 2 words.

    Though my friends have several times turned to me and said something in Hungarian, then been confused when I haven't answered. Their Dad did it a few weeks ago at a school friend's wedding, then apologised profusely for 20 mintues. I wasn't offended, I just find it funny.

    Thank you, I love my car. If I could bring it into my room, and tuck it up in bed with me and snuggle it all night I would. I have a mini model of it too. That is in my room. And I have a plush version of it. Which is in my bed.
    It wasn't bad. Though I'm not a fan of dance music, and all my friends are. So we spent the whole night moving from the dance floor level, where it was too bloody hot, to the upper deck, where it was a bit cold after awhile, to the second level, where it was quite pleasant. It did get annoying after awhile.

    Walking around Darling Harbour dressed as pirate wenches was funny. Someone asked us if we were going to a costume party, and my friend said no. That we were just on a break from work, shooting a new porno.

    You know, I've never been drunk in my life. Tipsy, yes, that was Dad topping up my wine glass on Christmas Day, but never, ever drunk.
    Not too bad. Have been asleep most of the day, after the harbour cruise last night. Didn't get to bed until 2am.
    Of course, now I'll probably be up all night again.

    Heh, don't worry, it was! I tend to not be very "Aussie" when I speak, so when i say/type something like that I get a bit excited :lol:

    Yeah, they totally screwed it up. At first it was kinda ok (15 mins of programming, 2-3 mins of ads), then they starte cutting out crucial stuff and the ad breaks got longer and longer and it just went downhill. Even my dad (who is an ardent nein fan) agreed it was wrong :( Doubt I will watch it on 9 again.
    Yeah, but you see...when It's -1C all day, snowing non stop, and there's the ever-lying fear that the pipes will freeze, it is best to cuddle up.

    But I am guessing you aren't going to be in danger of any of them in the next 2 hours :p
    Yikes. So I'm guessing that cuddling up in an oversized hoody with a big mug of tea won't be on the agenda for you today :p
    Not bad :) It's been snowing all day, 'bout 2 inches of it in the garden :D Too lazy and cold to go out and play in it though, so I'm just chilling out and messing around on Omegle :p

    How goes things for you?
    Yup - it is actually! You'll have to thank the awesomeness that is Katwalk for that. ;)
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