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  • Thanks :)

    I hated pretty much all my modules this semester, so hopefully I'll enjoy next semester, when I start Marketing.
    Ah not bad really. Although I have exams starting tomorrow and I am royally screwed for them :S

    Finance, in particular, will be interesting.

    I am considering just writing A,C,D,C for all the answers :p
    God yeah...a good cure for the 1984 blues is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas :D

    MSN - I do indeed :)
    Interesting? Neh, nothing really.
    Still working on my list of books, got through 1984 and was particularly depressed after it...

    I have a rather uneventful life to be honest :\
    Hey there!

    It's goin' good, just wrecked after another day in college :(

    How bout you? How have you been? :)
    Well it was more in response to your +rep really :p.

    What, we're not allowed +rep for rep comments? :p
    Oh my, it isn't as a matter of fact. You have saved me a lot of trouble there, thank you!
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