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  • Happy Birthday! Hope you have lots of beer. Followed by a blow job. :cheers:
    I'd love to take you up on that offer but I don't code. I only made a mock up and then sent it off the developer to code.
    Um yeh probably! Long way away so no definite plans, but will no doubt be a few going
    Event in March eh?.....nup I got nothing.

    In all seriousness, you definitely should come down for it because a) we've been saying this for years and b) it'll stop me being an idiot and not going when it's right on my door step like this year!
    Hey mate, thanks for the welcome back. Now that we live on the same island should try and actually catch up sometime! ha! Never got back to you about what I was doing in NSW. I was helping out MOTOR magazine with their annual Bang for your Bucks test. Actually I saw the turn-off to Parkes during the week (which reminded me where the hell you actually lived, it was killing me!)
    Are you kidding, Parkes would be fun! You could recreate "The Dish!"
    Hahaha, all jokes aside, best of luck. It's much easier to perform well at a job you'll be excited about :)
    Oh wow, congrats on finishing :). The job hunt has been playing on my mind for some time now, I was considering some form of postgraduate study but I'm unsure of what area I want to pursue (psych or HR). I'm doing a BA, majoring in psychology. I've started looking at volunteer positions because trying to find part time degree related work has been very difficult.
    Hey, best of luck with the graduate position applications! What degree did you do? I'm close to finishing mine and scared of the job hunt that lies ahead :S
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