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    Cancer Sucks

    Very sorry to hear about this, RIP Viper.
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    Game: Battlefield 1

    Good video, to really play up the whole war is hell theme, and try and humanise the participants, then have you basically running around like Wolfenstein seems a bit counter intuitive. It looks beautiful though and runs pretty well on my system! It's the first BF game I've played in ages...
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    [01x01] November 18th, 2016

    Well I wanted a different show. It looked good and it's good that they poked a bit of fun at the old way, and have hopefully realised the celeb bit (SIARPC, whatever you wanna call it) was always the most skippable bit of the old show. But I was hoping for a bit of a change to the whole format...
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    EPL 2015/16 - The English Premier League Thread

    I've been sceptical of whether they can keep it up, like everyone else for the last few months I've been waiting to see when they fall away but they just keep winning! I think we'll see how well they rally after the Arsenal defeat though. 5000 to 1 at the start of the season, imagine having...
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    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    What's with the black area behind the cockpit where the Hublot logo is? It's like they forgot to paint it. I'm ok with more white on the design, but this comes across as tacky, especially with the green and red lines. In fact, there's a lot of lines on it that don't really seem to complement the...
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    2015 Adu Dhabi Grand Prix (Finally!)

    Having lived, breathed and watched every race of F1 since 1997 I have never enjoyed a season less than this one, and I survived the 2002/4 seasons. My reaction to the season is one of complete indifference and I often found myself skipping through races, or, in the case of Brazil and Abu Dhabi...
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    Not my video, but it's me driving, flogging up a 1:40 grade at about 35kmh.
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    Where In The World Is..?

    "We well need to call it something. I'm not suggesting you name it after, well, me or anything but you know..." bloody hell :|
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    EPL 2014/15 - The English Premier League Thread

    Yeah I like Spurs but I'm not dyed in the wool or anything lol. Also a MUN fan. I've been managing AFC Bournemouth in Football Manager 15 and have grown fond of them :P
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    EPL 2014/15 - The English Premier League Thread

    Delighted with the news! :D A couple of seasons ago they were playing League One!
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    Random Thoughts....

    Found $20 on the ground today. "Hey kids, we're eatin' dinner tonight!"
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    Furious 7

    So the US government via Kurt Russell decide a bunch of layabout car enthusiasts are suitably qualified to go after international terrorists and rescue a computer hacker with a cool spying program of critical importance to national security. In return they get to borrow it so they can use it to...
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    Meanwhile, Down Under (The Australian Thread)

    "Temporary speed restriction of 40kmh, please driver"
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    2015 Chinese Grand Prix

    "You know what, sure, you can drive our F1 car. Here you go, belt up, Charlie has allowed you to have a couple of laps"
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    Post a pic of yourself

    He's a special one, this kid! :P