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    Cancer Sucks

    Ah fuck. Come on here to check out the latest TGT ep thoughts and find this out. Again, fuck cancer. The 16 year old me that first came to the forum as salvation of real life teenage awkwardness and feeling a sense of belonging (long before tumblr and still at a time when fan forums reigned...
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    Who is the average FG member?

    Submitted, because I've moved countries.
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    Richard Hammond 'injured in motorbike crash'

    Both May and Clarkson wrote bits about what they saw via DriveTribe: From here and here
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    Richard Hammond 'injured in motorbike crash'

    Grand Tour Twitter is saying he didn't suffer 'serious' injuries: Edit: Also, holy shit that was lucky.
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    TGT S01E08 not available due to licensing restrictions?!

    Didn't have any problem in Australia.
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    [1x07] December 30th, 2016 [Namibia Special, Part 1]

    I was wondering why there wasn't a thread on this one, but normally for two parters, there are separate threads for each ep. Having said that, you do have a good point that we can just review both at the same time since they are back-to-back, but the 2nd ep might have a different feel than the...
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    [1x07] December 30th, 2016 [Namibia Special, Part 1]

    First of two specials, surprisingly shorter than I thought it would be, or it went quicker than expected.
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    I'm dreaming of a hot Christmas! Southern Hemisphere people join in!

    Got up to 36C on Christmas day, which exceeded the predicted forecast in Melbourne. The day before our fridge died and within three hours got a new one, thanks my sister making phone calls and our (stoned) family friend who had a truck to deliver it to our house. Dad also reckons the freezer...
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    Finalgear Ringmeet 2017: Holyshit, has it been ten years already?

    Not going to lie, for once in my life I do want to meet you all but plans are that I am going to be part of a family trip to South Korea, but if finances permit (as well as jobs and schooling etc.) I can fit in some time in Europe. If not, try the year after that.
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    2016 USA Presidential Elections

    It's a victory for the middle America really. At least TGT starts in 9 days and also this video seems relevant:
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    The Grand Tour videos

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    Spoilers: Season 1 spoilers

    The Stig is intellectual property owned by the BBC, along with the The Cool Wall, SIARPC and Dunsfold.
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    The Sunday Times Magazine: The Grand Tour Exclusive

    Also here's the video that of the three being interviewed
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    The Grand Tour

    Next studio filming studios have been chosen and they are Finland and Rotterdam. Tickets for Finland and Rotterdam
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    Australian V8 Supercars