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  • Totally! I actually wasted half a (slow) day at the office studying the history of Orion buses. They actually imported some here in the 90's, more specifically the Orion II, which was renamed Ontario II due to trademark issues. I remember seeing them around from time to time, they had a very... distinctive look.

    My parking spot was being cleaned the other day so I had to park away and that presented the opportunity to ride some of my communal city buses, low floor MAN things. Both times I got the seats just above the rear wheel, which are way too big and means you sit with your knees in your chin. Otherwise not too bad.

    My small commune ordered new hybrid buses recently, it's about the only municipality still operating the bus services themselves, which is refreshing in these "we contracted a french company and it turns out we are being ripped off" times.
    haha, sounds like quite the upgrade then! :) And yes, hopefully the discounts will increase on both phones so I can do the deed through Amazon. I plan on playing with a few later.
    I think you'd be happy with the ICS keyboard, and the rezound is definitely not a bad phone.

    Is the nexus an upgrade from the OG droid you ask?

    Well let's put it this way.

    The droid is currently unrooted, returned to stock, de-activated off of verizon, shut down, battery removed, and card removed, sitting in my desk drawer because I couldn't give 2 fucks to turn it back on ever again.

    ICS is showing some of its flaws but overall it's pretty brilliant.

    Go play with the rezound and the nexus and see which one you like. Hopefully when you're able to get an upgrade you get discounts on either or both of the phones!
    Have you considered the nexus at all? Just curious, not trying to push it.
    Glad to be able to talk about android stuff without feeling dorky :p
    Dude, you need to update your sig. Still says you're driving the Failturn.
    Hey man! Thought you'd like to know that I'm going to see Anberlin live this Friday. Should be awesome! Even better than that, the tickets are free and I get an interview with them beforehand... XD Anything you'd like to ask them? :p :)
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