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    The 'I don't like Tesla' Thread

    They are yeah. I wonder what the driver had the air suspension set to - that could definitely play a role in affecting ride quality. Tesla also doesn’t shy away from large wheel sizes and low profile tires which don’t help matters.
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    Ownership Verified: You May Not Like It, But This Is What Peak Performance Looks Like - 2012 Kia Forte EX

    To be fair I’ve been saving up money in a separate bank account specifically for this for a while. This would have no impact on my primary savings.
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    Ownership Verified: You May Not Like It, But This Is What Peak Performance Looks Like - 2012 Kia Forte EX

    Fall Kia update - This thing just continues to keep on keepin on. It'll need brake work soon and I'm sure the clunking from the steering or suspension will come up during the inspection this November. I'm thinking about "next ride" though - I'm 436 dollars away from being able to just pay off...
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    Ownership Verified: Redliner's Ferrari Wannabe

    Dude, congratulations man, for serious!
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    The 'I don't like Tesla' Thread

    Agreed - it couldn't be better said myself. Sure it's "something the customer doesn't see" and "if it works it works" But that shit's not acceptable on a 20k Kia, let alone a 50k luxury compact CUV. Pretty sure @LP and I sat in a Model 3 or S that just had egregious fit and finish issues in the...
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    Going from a Miata to something... more practical (prep-work for the next year or two)

    Have you driven the ZF 8 speed though - The gear changes on most cars with it including those BMW's are supposedly top notch. The Mazda's SkyActiv-AT is good but the ZF is supposedly on another level.
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    Mercedes-Benz S-Class - 2020

    Apparently in some markets there will be a cloth seating option in a nod toward sustainability - but you'll have to ask for it, it won't be promoted really. I was digging the interior aesthetic of the previous generation myself...
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    2021 Ford Bronco trim/color/options decoded

    I like Jeeps....but I love this. It's dope and exudes an aura of "cool." The silver 4 door gives slight Defender vibes.
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    Citroen Ami - simple, short range ev

    I think it's interesting AF. Not my jam but the whole 14 year olds can drive it angle. Kudos to them for making something attainable that doesn't look like complete ass though.
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    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    I had to warranty replace my CX 6.00BT's for that reason once. With the 2nd pair I never take them out of the house and I can't tell whether it's happening again or if my ear is shaped wrong - if i'll pull it out and put it in just right the sound comes back normal.
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    Ownership Verified: EyeMWing bought a sensible car?

    Congrats on the new ride!
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

    RIP to a icon. Source:
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    The Trump Presidency - how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Hair

    Def worth getting a 29 dollar burner phone for stuff like this - leave the fancy iPhone at home guys.
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    Our 100th Birthday Online Meet Up

    Yup, that's right, they'll just click Ask To Join and you'll be asked to let them in.
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    Will 2WD become a rarity a'la the manual? - Gaining Traction: Americans Shun Two-wheel Drive In Record Numbers

    Given where I live right now I can't see myself buying anything that's "not a car" without AWD/4WD. In my brain it's like *anything not a car* and 4 wheel propulsion is linked and if I'm not going to get it I might as well buy a more fun car.