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    You will probably cream your pants. I know I did.

    I emailed the guy saying if he still has it in May to keep me in mind. Although come to think of it, convertible prices go up closer to the summer, so I'm going to see if I can convince my parents to give me a loan to buy it over spring break.
    What night is it? I'll see if I can come down, if my Yamaha's clutch doesn't threaten to explode before then.
    Needs moar black bedliner and shotgun scabbard :D

    Awesome bike though, thanks for the link.
    The Cee Bee is all complete now, but I may need new gauges, specifically the needles...let me know. I believe you got my number.
    How did they test a car from 2003 in the 90's? This video was clearly made in 1995.
    If you want to try your hand at a larger Honda, here's a Goldwing with questionable engine maladies for (a price that can probably be negotiated to be less than) $800.

    Looks like it's intact and most of the bodywork is in great shape. I have a soft spot for early GWs, maybe you do too. :D
    LOL you would be correct. That is infact where I go to school :3
    One of a kind stripes, made them myself.
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