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    Vote rig: Guardian best TV show of the noughties

    And 20 or so minutes later, they're still first at 18.6%
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    Random Thoughts....

    I've maimed myself child safety gate...the irony... Now I have a rather large purple hued foot. :(
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    Top Gear demotivators

    No thread is complete without Suspenders Girl!
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    Bruno would be a swell guest to have on Top Gear

    Can I throw in an "oh gee whiz!" on top of the obnoxious pile?
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    Top Gear demotivators

    And to the anonymous negrepper, I'll quote myself:
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    Top Gear demotivators

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    Top Gear demotivators

    OK, my turn!
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    Most distracting audience member That's who I was thinking of and her equally plastic-enhanced "friend"
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    What is up with Richard Hammond's hair?

    I was thinking that too!
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    What is up with Richard Hammond's hair?

    Hammond is bringing the late 80s/early 90s back, didn't you know? :P;)
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    Random Thoughts....

    A morning full of The Muppet Show is full of win.
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    Bernard Madoff Gets 150 Years in Jail for Epic Fraud

    How about squirt guns filled with battery acid? Greater pain, and he wouldn't die at the first hit.
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    The who have Top Gear insulted this week thread

    Of course he doesn't... He's Wil Young's boyfriend#1 fan!:lol:
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    Most distracting audience member

    Is that an euphemism? :lol:
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    what was the stig doing???

    ...And a picture of Will Young was on Jeremy's desk.