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    Your Skill At Giving Oral

    Lonely Planet - Italy. Page 60, sentence #9: "Outrageous!" ...LOL!
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    Euro Final Gearians, winter/spring clothing help required.

    Napoli was actually more of a general area. We'll be spending most of our time in Positano, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi (and sightseeing at Pompei / Mt Vosuvious) Sir Edward: Thanks for the very temperate information!! :) Oh and Heathrow: My family comes from Wales - we are going there to see my...
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    CSS issues with IE

    Thanks for your ideas, I've decided to ditch the css for this and go for a html solution - using behaviours to make the rollovers work. and the little dots i figured out were from the unordered list. if anyone wants to see the finished site, it will be up by the end of june.
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    CSS issues with IE

    Hi all, I am a newbie to web designing (this is my first job!) and i'm having a few issues with IE (Firefox, Safari, Opera all work fine) This is also the only forum i frequent, so if anyone knows any good web developing forums, i'd love a link to it! So - my issue is: i have used css to make...
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    So... I'm going to be a dad

    Goodluck! I just found out I'm gonna be an Aunty - by no means close/similar to a parent. But exciting all the same. Enjoy your amazing little bundle!
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    If you could live in any decade...

    1930's for sure! The jazz music, the fashion, maybe its the romantic in me, but the 30's seems to hold something special.
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    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    new shoes!!
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    what surface should i use???

    thanks guys. Yeah, i have a tent already, and two studio lamps for lighting from the top. I've only just got the flash, which i was hoping to use underneath, because the main problem i seem to have with my photos is that the background never comes out white (and i mean never). The only way i...
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    what surface should i use???

    yeah, i was thinking an opaque white perspex. Olie just told me about some canvas thing thats used for video film or something... not sure what its called tho..
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    what surface should i use???

    My work has recently bought me a flash to add to the set up i aldready have. I use a opaque white light box, and i'm thinking the best place to put the flash would be underneath (i photograph jewellery). what type of surface do you think would be best to place the jewellery on, so that the...
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    How to photoshop iPhone icons

    A little bit of fun on a Sunday afternoon Great tutorial!
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    The Panorama Thread [56k = no, expect widescreen stuff]

    gorgeous shot! i would put that on a canvas on my wall. beautiful :)
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    Lens Flair

    ^ whoever made that cake is all kinds of AWESOME ...;)
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    Refurbished Macbook - Opinions Please!

    thanks guys! yeah i'm thinking i'll buy my new macbook pro from the apple refurbished store. f*** loads cheaper, and it seems to come with the same warranty as a brand new one. cheers for the input :)