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    Comics, Memes, Videos, and Awesomeness!

    Um, anything to do with TeamVareide/Vareide/survival games I helped to make, it is in my community. If you want to see anymore really good parodies you should search for Captain Sparklez, his revenge song is really good
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    Comics, Memes, Videos, and Awesomeness!

    The people that made that (TheBiscuitFoundation) are members of the community I am part of :) I helped make that video :P
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    How many kids do you want?

    2 if it is one boy and one girl, otherwise I will go to 3 maximum. I am not planning to have any for years yet.
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    Hope the army is treating you right :(

    Hope the army is treating you right :(
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    The cute thread

    We actually have two of those at my home farm, the cows fight to get to use it they love it that much and some of them actually drool so much when they get brushed.
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    Where have you goneeeee?????? :'(

    Where have you goneeeee?????? :'(
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    Massmortality of animals in the last days - Are we dooooooooooomed?

    Thats pretty normal for cows, most people vaccinate against BVD, that snothing newsworthy :P
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    The student that was jailed for 32 months for throwing a fire extinguisher off a roof

    He isnt a scape goat, many other people who were there and damaged property(remember the police van) are getting charged too, you just dont hear about it because it is seen as old news now. Plus, I dont understand what you mean by the bit in bold. Do you think all students go running around...
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    Where In The World Is..?

    To be fair there was no drama :) just a simple "we arent together anymore"
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    Post a pic of yourself

    what prejudices :(
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    Random Thoughts....

    Ah, for anyone in the UK i just watched the X factor and took joy in watching both simon cowell and cheryl cole getting completely and utterly fucking trolled :D If anyone wants to know, youtube Wagner and watch some of his performances :D
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    Doctor Who

    I am quite looking forward to the christmas special now...
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    What happens when you refuse to pose for TSA or be sexually molested to fly.

    Im starting to feel very grateful that i only have to walk through a metal detector and get a pat down if it goes off...I dont fear for my safety because those checks seem as reliable as your system in stopping bombers etc.
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    What happens when you refuse to pose for TSA or be sexually molested to fly.

    I really didnt like it when the regulations about how much fluid you could take onboard came in, it didnt disadvantage me but there were problems with people who just took hand luggage for overnight stays and they couldnt bring toiletries, or women couldnt bring enough formula for babies :\