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    Ownership Verified: My 1991 Mazda 323F

    I used to have 1992 Mazda 323 GT 1.8i with DOHC. Loved it, but the maintenance costs on the old thing just became to much. Especially when quoted ?500 for a single brake caliper. The car was definitely a looker. The one below wasn't mine but was the same colour and looked just like it. I...
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    Stig was in the SAS

    There can NEVER be enough Stig threads. But since the show isn't going to return for a while, we've got to gossip about something.
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    Stig was in the SAS

    Apparently the papers are reporting that The Stig was a trained killer in 23 SAS regiment. From The Sun: From the Daily Mail...
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    the Top Gear British phrases explanation thread

    'Bint' is one of many words used instead of 'girl' or 'woman'. It usually implies sexual availability. It is a bit dated, it was much used by British troops during the World Wars. Personally I'd use the term if the girl wasn't the best lookin' in the world. i.e. "I pulled some old bint last...
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    Clarkson: Another Paper hating Top Gear [caution: germanz!]

    English link|en&u=
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    New Series Spoiler - James May Crashes Flying Caravan

    Came across this article on the Mail website ( ), it looks like they're having fun filming the new series. September 30, 2009 Another Top Gear stunt went wrong yesterday evening after...
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    The Stig: The Stig Caught on Google Streetview,-62.266667&sspn=0.012269,0.019312&g=white+city&ie=UTF8&ll=51.514902,-0.229039&spn=0,359.998283&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=51.514926,-0.228765&panoid=cRXQyRB9ywmaZVKuBSddWw&cbp=12,135.66277817731338,,1,-6.285...
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    Autoblog: Murci, Murci Me: Lamborghini to unveil LP670-4 SV at Geneva

    Considering the state of Volkswagens finances and the credit crunch, research and development budgets are bound to be cut. We'll seeing more upgrades, rather than new from the likes of Lambo, Aston etc. until better times ahead.
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    Is the black Stig back?

    A new video on youtube has sparked rumors about a return.
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    AMG Boss: "The horsepower wars are over."

    The EU has decided to reign in the HP war, so the car makers must comply. People may want more and more powerful engines but new legislation states that by 2012 all new cars should produce around 120 g/km carbon dioxide ( ). A...
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    [01x04] November 10th, 2002

    Just watched this episode for the first time since it was broadcast in 2002. I just wanted to add an RIP to Richard Burns who appeared on the show, you're sorely missed fella. Richard Burns, rally driver, born January 17 1971; died November 25 2005
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    Daily Mail accuse Clarkson of Lying about "I can't ride a motorcycle"

    Alot of people have been asking whether this is the DM vs Top Gear. In fact if you read the DM you'd realise it's the DM vs BBC. Th DM wants to get the licence fee scrapped as soon as possible so it uses stories like this to attack the beeb, to be honest I'm fed up with paying towards Jonathon...
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    A tribute to your country

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    A Quick Laugh - English Pub Names

    Spinning Mule :lol: I go drinking in this pub, it's on Nelson's Square in Bolton. The pub was named after Samuel Cromptons cotton spinning machine:
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    File format of the HD versions of next TG season?

    In the UK the BBC broadcast in 16:9, 1080i (HDTV) 1080i provides a 1920-pixel horizontal resolution, greater than 720p's 1280 resolution