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    Random F1 pictures

    This. Saying "hi" and wishing good luck isn't anything bad. I think that looking without saying anything would be weird. I know it's different situation, but couple weeks ago I had a codrive with Lucas Ordonez in Juke-R (one of many he had that day). The next day, when he was passing by and he...
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    2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe

    That was a good race in Valencia. Still can't believe that. Bad luck for some and a great drive by all podium finishers.
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    2012 FIA WEC/ALMS/ELMS/BES Thread

    Yesterday I've got a call from Nissan and this year finally I'll go to Le Mans. I have to be at work on Friday, so I'll loose some of pre race events, but I'm very excited. It's to late for media accreditation so only grandstands + helicopter flight over the race track. I'll try to talk with...
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    Euro 2012

    It was such a chance for our team after first half. I was so happy and than everything went wrong. They were to tired at the end. I hope there still is a chance but I expected that matches with Russia and Czech Republic will be tougher. Being a motoring journalist has some advantages. I have an...
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    2012 Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espa?a Santander

    I'm sorry for Lewis because he was the quickest, no doubt. But the penalty was fair. After they've put not enough fuel they should say to Lewis "sorry mate,come back to the pits, we'll start 9th". Instead they decided to break the rule and hope they don't get a penalty. That's cheating. Giving 5...
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    2012 chinese GP thread

    Check PM.
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    2012 chinese GP thread

    Most impressive is that after such close 2nd part of qualifying Nico did just one lap and was 0.5 s faster than anyone else. Truly deserved first pole, now he need his first win.
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    Formula 1 cars poster

    2012 edition
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    2012 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

    That was a great race! So many battles throughout the field. Very good drive by Alonso and even better by Perez. I was hoping there for long fight between these two, but it was entertaining nevertheless. Also I think Lewis know that Ferrari isn't that good so his second place in the championship...
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    2012 Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix

    During Q2 he was eating ice cream or drinking coke. He was out because he couldn't keep the car on the track.
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    WTCC at Monza - photos

    Thanks to Chevrolet I was at this year's WTCC race in Monza with a photographer pass. It was a great occasion to spend some in the pitlane during the qualifying and races.
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    Geneva Motor Show 2012

    Couple pictures from the first press day at Geneva. I don't have much time now so I'm only posting 10 photos, but there will be more later this or next week.
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    FinalGear Shirts and Hoodies from the FinalGear Classic Collection!

    Just got my scandinavian flick and utter pirates t-shirts. :D Good idea with bringing back old designs.