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    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    I agree with some of the opinions that this episode was kind of... strange, like some other show, but not Top Gear. But still it was huge fun.
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    [01x06] April 5th, 2009

    not bad definetly watchable)
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    [1x05] March, 22nd 2009

    that was actually quite a good one especially the taxi part 7 out of 10
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    [01x03] March 8th, 2009

    the Alpina review was definitely the best thing they did so far and Petrovsky was very interesting to listen to. he even made a few funny jokes (at last). so i think he should be doing most of the reviews on the show oh yeah, Vasiliy is cool too) a six/10
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    Which Top Gear spin-off is better: Russia or Australia?

    being a russian, i hated the first episode of tgr but the second one gave me hope someone has already mentioned, that tgr looks like a reeeeeealy cheap version of TG, rather then the aussie one that's why there's still hope that if tgr shows that it can do better the producers will get more...
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    Top Gear Russia

    for me as a russian the idea of tg-russia is really cool but no one ever compares to JC but i still hope we're gonna see all those s65s and maybachs with cayenne turbos (these cars are really common in moscow) racing a bear in syberia or smthng)