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  • And here I am griping about gas prices when it could be worst :p. Man, I remember when gas was 63 cents. I miss those days especially as I have to pitch in for gas money now.
    Oh people definitely noticed and yeah, gas definitely went up because of the HST. On my way home tonight, I saw it was 104.2 but I know outside of the city it's around 98 :/ Not to meantion some "no name" gas bars are a few cents cheaper compared to the big brands like Shell or Petro-Canada.
    It's a cliche for a reason. ;)

    :lol: You should start learning then. It's not that hard as long as you know what you're doing. But yep, the HST bloody sucks. 11%? The hell is this? I honestly want to know what kind of saving these businesses are supposed to past along to me and when because I'm not seeing it. The province also tried to sneak in an Eco fee which got them a lot of shit but for the time being, isn't being enforced. Some stores were charging it while others didn't bother with it.
    I'm slowly getting back into politics. I used to be hardcore into it when I was a teenager but then I got fed up with the whole bloody thing.
    Not atm :p but if you do, you should try downloading realistic handling mod :p good fun!
    Hey, just wanted to say that I like your avatar. I used to listen to a lot of Crimson. "Lizard" is my fav album.
    "I occasionally meet people with the same weird taste in music as I, but I've never talked to anyone who liked King Crimson, Genesis and Yes that wasn't at least 50 years old."

    That's pretty much my life in a nutshell. But yay for having someone to talk old prog rock with!

    But yes, got it all from my dad. Supposedly he went to one of Gabriel's first concerts in Nathan Phillips Square, and since less than 100 people went, they all got free records or something like that. And he's seen early Rush, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Camel, Gentle Giant, ... yeah. I've asked him at least once every week which bands he's seen in concert; and I'm convinced he's seen every single band. Ever. Except Steely Dan. They played some casino near us, and I went ballistic; but was too young to go. Jeeez, eh? And he played baseball with Tom Cochrane, and was in the studio when Golden Earring recorded Moontan. (I need to get him to register here, man.)

    But other than music; how are you doing? :p
    I'm actually 16. ;)
    And eh! I grew up on early Genesis, King Crimson, Steely Dan, Yes, Gentle Giant--the whole lot.
    And then I finally saw Genesis reunited, thinking they'd do some Trick of the Tail stuff, but NAAAHHHH. It was all 'doo doo doo ABACAB'. :|

    Ah; I forgot you were downtown! I am leaving the country very soon at the end of December - looks like it will be for a few years.

    I can't +rep you anymore because I haven't posted enough recently, but I just wanted to commend you for your Prop8/Olbermann thread. Shows you are a man. Very nicely done.
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