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  • I have absolutely no freaking clue man. I delete posts when I feel like they're just me being overly immature and either not really contributing to the overall topic (if it's a post in a thread) or not really worth the other person's time and sanity (if its a wall post). Then again that filter hardly works properly as you can see by my myriad immature and retarded posts everywhere :p
    Blue Lantern, eh? I haven't heard of him but it seems like a pretty good approach to sucky situations, not like worrying and fretting really gets shit done.

    I think the only reason I voted the last federal election was because one of my old profs was running, I wouldn't even know who to vote for this time around. And seriously, as tired as all the cliches are, they apply... I mean all the stuff about one vote not making any difference or having to pick the lesser of three evils, etc.

    If the Greens weren't so damn smug I might actually consider them. But then again, voting Green will probably only make another minority government likely which benefits nobody in this country IMO.
    Yeah, I told you gas was expensive over here.

    I remember filling up my first car in 2003 barely cost $30, but now with these prices it's more like $75. Oh well, at least we have it cheaper than the Europeans who make up most of FG. :mrgreen:
    Frend.... FREND!!! RAWR *snarls* *drools* *does the c-walk*
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