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  • Either way that's still a remarkable achievement. something not easily done by others. A lot of people would have loved to have had that role and the payments as well.
    worked for a Anime TV channel? that's the kind of thing dreams are made of. all that anime. i'd be too busy saying "i'll take these home with me... to make sure they all work alright."
    I remember CNX because they showed stuff like Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star as well as DragonBall GT. Its a shame they went down. There's not been a channel that has covered the anime scene since really.
    Last time i watched Cartoon Network was when they had the Toonami stuff on there like DragonBall Z, Gundam Wing and Tenchi Muyo.
    i'm sure i'll come along it at some point. I'm really surprised that it only lasted 24 or so episodes.
    Not seen the HUGGBEES bit yet. although i saw the vid posted in Random Thoughts. although the show's theme song has managed to work its way into my head and i find myself humming it.
    Thanks for introducing me to Freakzoid. Been watching it all weekend and i'm loving every bloody minute of it.
    Well that sucks. I'll make sure to have tons of fun in your honour if everything goes to plan.
    Thanks for the rep! And yeah some new friends of mine and I planning a bit of a meet-up. It's not going to be on Hallowe'en weekend but it's better than nothing.
    well... that doesn't TAKE much to do! We just need some POWER in the conversation... to make it through!
    Having a middle name like Thomas is alright, because it allows me to say my name with a T in the middle... like James T Kirk. nah not really, i'm not enough of a trek fanboy to get away with that without a slap.

    not without laughing my arse off anyway.
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