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  • i suppose thats better than having trouble as a middle name. no matter how awesome it may be.

    I've been busy with various bits and bobs which has precluded me from pursuits of pleasure upon this fine electronic establishment. Everything is going fine... well, it could be going better but its not going worse which is the main thing.
    I'm with BlaRo (not like that you perv!)

    Haters gonna hate, but stick around.
    Lousy me hitting the Enter button before I could finish my rep message. Anyway, are people hatin' on ya again? What did I (and Kanye) tell you about haters again? Sheesh. :p
    Ah bugger, hope he gets well!

    Me? Well, I had about 30 minutes sleep (could not sleep :S).

    Generally over everything lately...and fell down some stairs at work.

    Great day had by all :S
    I absolutely love the way you type, by the way. It's cute and endearing. :D And if they hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up. /kanye
    Well you can have ours if you want we had 4 inches of snow yesterday! XD

    Um, do you reckon the heat won't be helping your head? Maybe?
    Right now I'd like some ice cold weather.

    Not that we get snow, well we do, but we also have to travel to it, lol.

    This weather is unpleasant and about 30 degrees.

    Perhaps the headache is just stress related, I dunno...

    Hahaha, nice alternative.

    It's pretty cool you two are in a LRD and yet have met each other before (I think) and will again!

    Most typically don't work, but yours has which is pretty damn awesome.

    On a separate note, I've had a headache for almost a week lol.
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