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  • Actually they did 2 versions of the pilot and both of those sucked! Terry Farrell (Dax from Star Trek: DS9) appeared in one of them and Holly was played by the english woman out of Frasier (can't remember her name at the moment). Not actually seen both versions but my younger brother saw it and he's a big Red Dwarf fan and he practically disowned it. Judging from how both the US versions of Skins and Shameless both appear to be tanking, its more likely that American TV corporations just don't understand British humour.
    Actually it aired last night in the states on their SyFy channel. Not seen the original version yet (although when i tell people they slap me and say "WATCH IT NOW!") but i am willing to bet that the new american version is going to be bloody awful.

    Such is the way of american re-makes. They can't even re-make their own old tv shows properly.
    Damn those yanks and their tv *shakes fist*

    I completely understand though, i've been watching NCIS and they only released season 6 on DVD last year and the US is mid-way through showing Season 8. As for Supernatural, i only came across it by accident and still catching up with the series. Still miles behind everyone else. Same with True Blood, got the first season blu ray set but never fully finished watching it. Good show but just too many other good shows to watch.

    Rest assured we get to have our own back on them with BBC productions. They have to wait a while for episodes of Top Gear, Doctor Who, QI, Being Human and other shows. So its not completely one way.
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