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    What is your absolute fav. piece of film

    i cant count the number of times i've watched this one over and over
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    FinalGear Shirts: 2010 Design Contest

    Nice and simple.
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    Random funny screencaps (no 56k)

    my two new favorites.
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    "A Californian Homage to Top Gear"

    Pretty awesome job guys, given the budget you couldn't really ask for better. It's kind of a shame its so short though, there are so many good driving roads in CA you can't fit them all in to 60 minutes. If you do it again post up a suggestions thread, I'm sure people on here could suggest a few...
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    [12x04] November 23rd, 2008

    the stig asleep on the roller coaster killed me:roflmao:. the race was pretty cool, i think it would have been better if they shortened it and threw some challenges in to mix it up a bit. good episode though
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    Ultimate show your friends Top Gear compilation clip.

    the ariel atom destroying clarkson's face. that would be an awesome way to start it.
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    PART ONE of "The Greatest Road in CA" now online

    the first part was awesome. and you only shot it over 3 days? holy crap. can't wait to see the roads you choose to highlight.