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    [07x05] December 11th, 2005

    Count me in too, anybody have any ideas? Thanks ;)
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    Guess the music...

    Excellent, thanks for your help guys :D
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    Guess the music...

    Thanks, let's hope he does :D
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    Guess the music...

    OK, I've searched high and low, left and right an I still can't find out who did the music for this here Mercedes advert, and where I could get it. Can anyone help? :cry:
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    I've watched Bowling for Columbine, and enjoyed it. I'm not going to rush out and buy tickets to see this film, but I might grab it on DVD. Sounds good :)
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    Driv3r video game is Awsome.

    It's what I'm getting in my new computer; hehehe, it's arriving this morning :D
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    Driv3r video game is Awsome.

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    Driv3r video game is Awsome.

    I've been waiting for this game for quite a while. I never bought the first two drivers, but this one sounds great. I'll have to buy it after my new computer comes. Mmmmm 9600XT :lol:
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    EURO 2004

    Damn, that goal England vs Portugal game should have been allowed. Ah well, I'm supporting Holland now (We're having a sort of team-competition thing at school, and I got picked to be Holland :lol:) GO HOLLAND!! :D
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    I had my prom yesterday!

    Hehehe, I never really saw the point in proms myself. But apparently a few years back when my older sister went to one, someone turned up in a monster truck :lol:
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    Fucking HUGE model B52 bomber

    Wow, that's incredible. I'd love to have something like that :D
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    Build your own SLR

    Thought you guys might like this This guy built his own Mercedes SLR. :lol:
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    Azureus - Java BitTorrent Client

    Looks good, but it's still Shareaza for me :D
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    [03x05] November 23rd, 2003

    It doesn't usually take too long for me to download them. I'm d/loading at around 300-400 KB/s at the moment, so it usually takes about an hour in total. But it's got the Toyota Pickup truck in it, so it's worth the wait :D
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    The word association game - Cars

    Yeah, I know. Feel free to beat me up with rust nails :roll: