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  1. ~Smoke~ Motorsports Simulations

    Painted up a few new GEN6 ChevySS rides as well as grabbed this amazing shot from a race at Talladega the other night
  2. ~Smoke~ Motorsports Simulations

    Tell you what, actually finishing an official superspeedway race instead of wrecking out feels good but winning the thing by a nose is a pretty amazing feeling
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    Post a pic of yourself

    First one is me from about 3 weeks ago, and then the day following that one I spontaneously decided I needed to remove 75% of the hair on my head. However thepic is from today, I'm just a slow poke.
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    The cute thread

    turned around and found my roommates cat on our boot mat... had to take this
  5. ~Smoke~ Motorsports Simulations

    ran 2nd in a photofinish today in a Class A official race...and least I looked good losing the race. Still a bit sour that Daytona bites me every time I visit it
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    My name is Juan Pablo Montoya, you dried my track, prepare to die!
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    The Meme Thread

    had to be done
  8. ~Smoke~ Motorsports Simulations

    Finished 6th and led 23 laps in my split of the Daytona 500 last night. Due to fuel mileage and the nature of tandem racing I was either gonna win or finish 2nd until we got a caution with 15 to go. I passed one of the cars that got into the accident due to them being too slow, thinking the game...
  9. ~Smoke~ Motorsports Simulations

    This is my Daytona 500 car for tonight and my class A car if and when I make it there credits Base-Me Logos & Numbers- Masgrafx,SRD,Google,Brands of The World, Nascarartist
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    Random Motorsports Pictures

    When this baby hits 188mph, you're gonna see some serious shit.
  11. ~Smoke~ Motorsports Simulations

    picked up a win last week at Iowa in the Impala B COT in a official race. Pretty proud of myself with it since I'm finally getting a little adjusted to the ntm.
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    Random Motorsports Pictures

    Nothing amazing but since I haven't seen it on here, here's the first make to unveil the new some what more stock body style coming to Nascar in 2013
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    Battlefield 3

    Just bought the game the other day, username is Anchoridge. Feel free to add it :)
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    Lens Flair

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    Lens Flair