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    There is a brand new Tax Haven - Liberland. Yeah, it's seems legit.

    Apparently you can apply for a citizenship also. Not sure how revlevan this is for US citizens with FATCA (The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and all, but this could be perfect for everyone else. More info here. Seems to be light after reading around, although this smells a bit like a...
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    Gymkhana 7 is live!

    Wanted to share this article with the Finalgear crew. Gymkhana 7 has gone live and apparently it's a great deal. The post compares the gymkhana CPM rates with the Super Bowl rates and the conclusion is very interesting. And here is the video!
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    Can the Cops Search Your Phone? No. Well? Actually Yes? but Not Exactly.

    The article I posted covers the exact same issue (and case) and compares it to a previous (and recent) precedent from the United States Supreme Court
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    Can the Cops Search Your Phone? No. Well? Actually Yes? but Not Exactly.

    The post is obviously about the United States and has nothing to do with EU law.
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    Can the Cops Search Your Phone? No. Well? Actually Yes? but Not Exactly.

    Interesting post I came across regarding the questions of an officers right to search your phone. What do you think?
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    House of Cards (Netflix)

    5 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Frank Underwood
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    Anyone here into Entrepreneurship?

    I just recently stubbled onto a few really interesting websites: 1. 3. After reading these sites for a while I have become really inspired about the whole startup/entrepreneur scene. Unfortunately I have no idea for a venture yet. I was...
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    Mad funny Hilter finds out video

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    Cool Videos

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    Trying to decide on a new car.

    Did you consider the Pontiac Aztec?
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    Mighty car mods is back! - Any fans here?

    At long last, mighty car mods is back with a new season. The first episode is a full hour :-) This is by far my favourite youtube show. I would highly recommend anyone to check out their channel. It's MAD!
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    Driving a my 911 after 3 months?

    Haven't been on here for ages! i have a question....I wasn't able to drive my 911 for 3 months as the rear tires were completely bald and I had a wait for ages and and ages for replacement toyo 888 in my size. The car was in my garage for 3 months without moving. I did start it up every week...
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    Driving holiday in Europe - what to do?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to do the Cole De Tutini, Route Napoleon or the Stelvio Pass at this time of the year?
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    Driving holiday in Europe - what to do?

    In the beginning of October I will be heading off to Europe for a driving holiday. The Plan is to hang out in Paris for 2 days with some friends and then head towards the ring and rent a car for a full day on the track. After that I am all out of ideas. I thought I might head to he new Porsche...
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    Can't take good panning shots with my new D90

    Great tips guys. Thanks! One more question: what should I do for car to car tracking shots?