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  • OOh, and you've given me rep points! Yay, thanks hun... Erm, I have no idea what that all means though. I'm new to web forums in general. Is there a big red panic button or any levers I really shouldn't press/pull?

    What is the chat like? I thought about delving into it earlier but found myself with cold feet so I ran away instead. It was a bit Monty Python of me...there was this bunny...and well..."RUN AWAY...."

    It certainly does seem a veritable fount of TG knowledge. I'm hoping I'll settle in soon enough. If you can't find me I'll probably be hiding behind you! <3 <3 <3
    Hello, my sweets! Yes, I have finally got my lazy bum into the forum. It only took a lifetime! Still haven't a clue how it all works so you might spot me wandering around in the dark for a while. Just point at me and laugh! <3
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