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    Melbourne International Motor Show 2007 by Sopiva

    Heres my pictures from the Motor show. Just basic snaps, nothing different... I will be adding captions but my internet is so slow that it will take some time. I also visited the Ferrari Display at Crown Casino... Pictures...
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    My 2007 Melb Motor Show pics. 56k GO AWAY!!!

    I'll tell my opinions: Best car: Ferrari F430 Spider Worst car: Sangyong ? Sexiest car: Alfa Romeo Spider/Ferrari F430 Spider Best display: I liked the way Toyota stacked up their cars against the wall... Best seats: Ferrari F430 Spider Best interior: Ferrari F430 Spider Dont know about worst...
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    Melbourne International Motorshow 2007

    I'm most definetly going, but dunno yet which day... And an foreign opinion: Melbourne ftw ;)
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    How to make basic Renault 5 look good?

    I kept good care of it... I had it as a festival car, so i slept on the roof and jumped all over it, and sold it before coming to Australia :D It was a great car tho. But propably the most unsafe of any car ever! I bet if i drove 20km/h to a tree, i'll be dead... :D /e
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    How to make basic Renault 5 look good?

    Well, that sounds impossible. But in the right lightning, it might be possible. I'm quite keen on this pic i took:
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    The best looking interior

    Which car has the best looking interior? I really like the Ferrari 599 GTB Fioranos... Of course the colour changes it a lot, but this one is nice. What do you recon? Is there any budget cars that has nice interiors? Usually the "normal" cars are just black plastic with some silver plastic...