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    [18x04] February 19th, 2012

    Longtime since I've been here last time, but I had to come and leave a comment. Just loved this one! A lovely way to spend an hour! JM's Fisker review and JC's GTs review were excellent, both at the best in their own styles of reviewing. SIARPC was ok, actually watched that as I normally skip...
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    EDM* discussion thread

    The song is cool and the idea to do this mashup even cooler! is usually considered as futurepop duo, with darker feel to its songs, but their latest album goes a little away from that premise. From the same album, another one I really enjoy is this:
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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    Yeah, that was quite a surprise the first time I saw one of those here in Europe... I like those little things
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    The Music Thread

    Something very unusual but still with surprising results. I love church organs and electronic music, so this was an instant case of like it a lot! Does anyone have other suggestions of electronic music played on a similar manner? Not only organs, but essentially anything non-electronic...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I'm going to the Geneva Auto Salon tomorrow, which is nice and all... but I'll finally get the chance to try an electric car: booked myself a 30mn test-drive of the Nissan Leaf. Let's see if those things really smells like future as the press says!
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    [16x06] February 27th, 2011

    I liked this episode not because of what it actually is, but for what the next ones can be. Not exactly the best TG ever, but solid, entertaining and without exaggerated cocking about. The formula is perfect IMO, just as it was some seasons ago. It's now time for them to perfect it for S17! PS...
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    Spied: 2012 Peugeot 208

    So, no 208 SW ? Also, lighter, 200hp GTI version = hummmmmm!
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    [16x05] February 20th, 2011

    I think it's the weakest episode this season. Funny thing is that SIARPC, which is something I usually watch quite uninterested or even jump all the way through, was very very good. Cars comparison was weak, but at least wasn't extended beyond the point of saturation. Jeremy made his point...
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    Imported From Detroit

    I loved it. It shows Chrysler is getting back to the game, just as Ford already got. The slogan got on quite well too. Imported from Detroit, besides all that's been said in other posts, shows that despite Fiat's control, they're essentially american.
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    2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 leaks out

    I love the wheels on the sedan... and everything in the estate!
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    Official photos, the new Ferrari Four (FF)!

    I thought the same of the Z3 and the FF! :lol: Ferraris were never my favorite cars , but one must admit they are far, far away from all the good looking cars they've made in the past. If we stay in the V12 4 seats category, I much prefer the 456GT. Classy, which is something this definately...
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    Official 2011 Formula 1 Pre-Season Thread

    About Williams... rumour in brazilian sites is that Rubens stays, for sure, and they'll test Maldonado. If he can drive minimally well, he gets the seat and Williams the large sum he brings with him. If not, he's sent to Hispania in his first year in F1 and Williams gets only part of the money...
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Brazil elected its first female president yesterday. She tends to continue Lula's line of government and will have the majority in the Senate and Chamber too. Let's hope she keeps Brazil growing firmly and susteinably.
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    Ferrari SA Aperta revealed in Paris: open-top 599!

    ^Appearantly, they have the GTO drivetrain complete with 670hp!
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    BMW announces end of M6 production (and with it, the end of the 5.0L V10)

    The V10 will be missed... I don't believe a forced induction V8 will be nowhere near the V10 in terms of sound...