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  • Yeah, "missing" is pretty much code for "killed by government/law enforcement" in South America. :p
    Thanks for the advice on the timing belt. I did just find out through some research that Ford required some changes to be made for their version. They made Nissan modify the version of the VG30E to be used in the Villager, including making it non-interference. While the timing belt is still important, at least it isn't responsible for the integrity of the motor in this one.
    Congratulation on having your car's dash appear on the second page of google images when searching for "fusebox xj6".
    Hey thanks for suggesting handlebar chaps ( on the General Motorbikers thread). I think I might pick some up for my bike.
    Oh damn. I need to round up some cash and go and attend a vintage race-type of event where these things run. Also Group C vintage events, where one of the best cars is a car that probably ranks among your personal favorites. ;)
    No, I never saw the MP4/4 Hondas when they were running originally - but I watched them on TV and have since seen them at vintage races and similar events.

    It's damn hard to forget that noise. The only sweeter noise in all of motorsport is the sound of a Honda RC166 in full cry.
    Was reading one of your rare posts in the F1 section, and a little thing struck me. Did you actually see F1 cars in action in a race in the USA on-scene? You mentioned the sound of the McLaren-Honda spooling up its turbos. :think:
    I got the pulley from a firm in Britain, but I think they went out of business. It's still available, though, from other UK vendors (Paramount Performance, I think) - and even if not, any competent machine shop can turn them out. You can also try to get one off a 03-04 Mustang Cobra, I think they're similar as well.

    The fuel pressure was left up to my dyno tuner, I don't know what it is set to but I'm thinking it's something like 45psi. Yes, the engine management has been reprogrammed with a reprogrammable chip I got from the same firm in Britain (though I think Paramount Performance over there still makes them). The fuel injectors are ~550cc units scavenged from a Mustang Cobra.
    Alright! Where have you required the blower pulley? How much have you increased the fuelpressure? How much does the injetors fluid? Have you reprogrammed the standard management system?
    I have: chipped it, changed out the blower pulley, fitted a larger/more efficient intercooler, larger fuel injectors, aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, aftermarket fuel pump, fitted a large bore custom Magnaflow exhaust and a lot of dyno tuning. With a few other tricks, of course. :D
    My name is Andreas and i?m from Sweden.
    I have a Jaguar XJR -96 with manual transmission (one of 78 built LHD)..
    When i was searching around on the internet for tuned xjr?s your threads came up, and i saw that you have over 440hp in yours!
    What exactly have you done to the engine?

    I?m sorry for my bad english... :p

    //Regards Andreas
    Thank you for trying to explain to all that passion and knowledge of cars produces far greater results than some moron with his calculator. I just wish they would pass the information around the plant I work at, otherwise I will be out of a job.
    Thank you for that very clear explanation.

    Social medicine NHS in the UK would prevent this situation, but it does have some issues too. All Governments seem to be running around looking to cut "welfare" (in its widest sense). ...
    Appreciate your posts and the insightful information they bring, especially the "Trains in America" thread. You seem like one of the most knowledgeable people on this forum.

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