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    [24x07] April 23rd, 2017 - SsangYacht

    Really great episode. What I really liked about it was that the guys were comfortable in their roles. The jokes were there but they were subliminal and not dwelled upon too much to make them obvious. Surprised that Jay Kay did not get on top of the leader board and he face showed that he was...
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    GQ UK's Scathing Reviews of Top Gear

    Hi all, just stumbled across the GQ UK website and found that they review every episode of Top Gear and The Grand Tour. However I was surprised to read really negative reviews of each episode of the new season. While some of the criticism is justified, in my opinion the new season has been a...
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    [24x04] March 26th, 2017 - Chiron vs everything

    A good watchable episode. Not sure what value the celebrities add to the show as the presenters lack any interviewing skills and those studio segments break the rhythm. Cinematography, as usual, was top notch. A word of caution though, they should avoid too much of the scripted segments. As...
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    [24x03] March 19th, 2017 - DB11 vs. S63 / GTI Clubsport

    Like everyone here, the Studio segments are cringe worthy. Can't they find Car lovers among British celebrities? Plus the fact that none of the presenters are good interviewers also lets the long segment down. The films, as usual, were really good. The best thing about the new TG is that the...
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    [24x02] March 12th, 2017 - Lamborghini vs Porsche

    Another solid episode although it seems that Chris Harris is now the main presenter who is most comfortable in the role. Matt seems a bit lost sometimes when British stuff is being discussed. Why didn't they include Rory in the Super car challenge? He had little to do in this episode. The...
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    [24x01] March 5th, 2017 - the old track is back!

    Since my expectations were pretty low, I surprisingly liked the episode. The production value is still good despite most of the crew defecting to TGT. I hope they avoid trying to carbon copy the CHM version of Top Gear and add some of their own personalities into the script. Plus the Stig has...
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    [01x12] January 27, 2017

    Not bad, finally the cars were the main focus throughout the episode. Was this the last episode of the season?
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    [01x11] January 20, 2017

    According to the new TGT formula, I can watch the first review which lasts about 10 minutes and then turn off the stream and not miss much. The last episode of the season needs to be really special for me to yearn for the next season.
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    [01x10] January 13, 2016

    Took me two days to watch the episode as I literally nodded off during the first part of the Barbados segment. It is getting more and more difficult to watch the whole episode in one sitting.
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    [01x08] December 31st, 2016 [Namibia Special, Part 2]

    Like I said the last time when commenting on the previous episode, I'm sure they had fun filming it but it was not so engaging for the viewers. I'm massively disappointed in the direction the new show has taken. The only good segment I can remember in the whole series so far is the May's GT40...
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    [1x07] December 30th, 2016 [Namibia Special, Part 1]

    I'm sure they had great fun filming it but not sure 40+ minutes of driving aimlessly in the desert is captivating for the audience. Plus it is hard to believe they were in some sort of danger when the crew car is always ahead of them.
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    [01x06] December 23, 2016

    James May saves the day; the rest of the episode was pretty crappy.
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    The Grand Tour 'most illegally downloaded TV programme in history'

    A little bit of fib and quite a bit of hyperbole in that statement. They will find a way to back themselves up; I read somewhere that it is the most pirated programme which is in its first season. Besides if it was aired in UK by BBC then most of the people would have watched it on Telly &...
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    [01x05] December 16th, 2016

    One of the better episodes of this series. However I do miss the Car reviews which, I think, TGT is no longer interested in or maybe the Car manufacturers are not lending them the models for testing. Glad to see James May a bit more relaxed and in his zone. He was cast aside in the previous...
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    [01x04] December 9nd, 2016

    So the format of the series is set: It starts with yapping, a short quick review by JC and then a very looooooooong main segment sprinkled with some more yapping in between. Why can't they do more than one review and shorten the main segment? The GT has been a disappointment so far or maybe...